Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 specifications include 6GB of RAM and Big Battery


Xiaomi has made plenty of fans over the years with their Redmi lineup. The Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 specifications have been spotted online ahead of a formal announcement which means a new device may soon be added to their arsenal.

Xiaomi is one of a handful of companies that techies would like to see expand their reach into the West. That’s due in part to smartphones like the Xiaomi Redmi Pro which was affordable and provided plenty of pop. That’s what the Redmi line has been known for, and nothing is going to change with the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 specifications if today’s leak proves true.

News of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 specifications comes from the depths of Weibo. The leaks looks to be from marketing materials which shows a photo of the front and back of the smartphone. If you are familiar with the previous model, you’ll quickly notice one big change as the Dual Camera setup is gone. In its place you’ll find the Sony IMX362 which is a 12MP snapper. You can also see a fingerprint scanner on the back of the handset and it appears the home button may be gone. That said, it’s tough to tell so don’t hold us to that.

Aside from the changes we mentioned, the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 looks like the previous model which isn’t a bad thing. The Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 specifications have changed somewhat as the base model will have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage while the variant has 6GB and 128GB. We couldn’t discern any more information from the photo due to the language barrier but it will sport a 4,500mAh battery as well. Another nice upgrade over the 4,050mAh battery found on the original Pro.

Now for the best part, the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 price. The base model of the smartphone is shown to cost 1,599 CNY which shakes out to around $232 in the states or €215 in Europe. The more powerful 6GB variant with 128GB of Ram is 1,799 CNY or $261. Either way you slice it, it’s a heck of a deal if you reside in a region where Xiaomi’s product are available or are willing to go the import route.

via – GSMarena     source: Weibo


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