Phonesreview.co.uk, obviously as the name suggests is a site dedicated around the news of the present day – Mobile Phones. Handsets have gone through an entire reformation, from the old chunky mobile phones to new world of hybrid devices such as SmartPhones and PDAs. Phones Review reports about all the hottest announcements, launches and ongoing developments in the world of the portable electronic mobile devices.

In addition to the mobile handsets, Phonesreview.co.uk also focuses on hardware, software and accessories right down to games related to mobile phones along with news about mobile service providers and various mobile-related wireless companies.

Phonesreview.co.uk has been developed with an aim to bring all mobile phone-centric news under one roof, making it one terrain to visit for any and every mobile phone aficionado.

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• We aim to report all the latest news and buzz in the world of mobile technology
• We want to deliver unbiased reviews and views of mobile phones, gadgets, software and games
• Give you up to date coverage of all the latest developments in the mobile industry
• Give you hands-on reviews with videos and photos

Product Reviews –
We here at Phones Review also review mobile phones and related products that we get sent to us, which means we tell you how it is hands on, the reviews we give are conducted by a team of proficient individuals, whose main interest in mobile phones are immense, and this is why it enables us to give you technically well-spun and in-depth evaluation of the product. If you or your company wish to send us a product we will review them in depth, please contact us for further instruction.

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Phonesreview.co.uk welcomes all letters to the editor and commentaries from all readers; if you wish to send us letters all submissions should not exceed 750 words. If a commentary exceeds 750 words it may not be considered for publication. All authors must include name, phone number and email address to be considered for publication. We will not accept anonymous letters and all submissions are subject to editing for length and clarity. A submission does not guarantee publication.

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Do you have a story, idea or even a question about our mobile coverage or content? Our reporters are experts in their respective fields and welcome your comments and news tips.

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