YU unveils the HealthYU accessory and YUFit smartband

Health YU

Micromax’s YU brand announced their next big smartphone today with the YU Yuphoria, but that wasn’t the only thing they had to show off. The company is getting into the fitness biz, and their first two products will be the YUFit smartband and the HealthYU fitness tracker.

OnePlus Power Bank accessory in stock now for India

OnePlus Power Bank b

OnePlus hit real success with the OnePlus One smartphone that released last year, and at the moment there’s plenty of talk about the upcoming OnePlus Two. Back in December last year the company also announced the OnePlus Power Bank accessory, and this finally released for buyers in some regions in March. Now, a little later […]

Samsung Orbis Smartwatch rumored to arrive with the Galaxy Note 5 release

samsung gear orbis

We saw several new Android wearables around the first of the year, but it’s been pretty quiet lately on the Android Wear side of things – LG Urbane aside. We know Sammy has a round smartwatch in the works, and a new rumor suggests the Samsung Orbis arrival will coincide with the Galaxy Note 5 release.

New iPhone 6 waterproof battery case from Mophie

iPhone 6 Mophie waterproof case b

We always try to keep readers informed about some of the best new accessories out there, and this next item will be of plenty of interest to those with an iPhone 6. Mophie is a well-known accessory maker and has just announced a new iPhone 6 waterproof battery case that we think will be in […]

New iPod Pro vision features Apple Watch UI

iPod Pro vision b

Usually at Phones Review we concentrate on smartphones and tablets, but Apple iPods are also of interest to many readers. Many people would like to see something a bit different for a future iPod, and now one designer has come up with a new iPod Pro vision that uses the Apple Watch UI and is […]

Oculus Rift release date set for early 2016

oculus rift

It’s been a while since we talked about the Oculus Rift as things like Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR have come along and stolen a bit of the spotlight. That’s going to change soon, but maybe not as soon as some might like. Facebook has just given us a look at their version of the […]

Moto 360 India price slashes of Rs. 5,000

Moto 360 price slashes for India

Motorola released its Moto 360 smartwatch last year and lately there has been growing speculation about a successor being in development. Last month the price of the wearable device was cut for buyers in the US, and now there are Moto 360 India price slashes of Rs. 5,000. However, you may want to be quick […]

Allwinner is working on a version of Google Glass with a $199 price tag

allwinner glass

Even though a lot of people thing Google Glass is dead, it’s an idea that’s not going to go away. While many companies are getting into the VR game, some are still taking the Glass route, and one may surprise you. Allwinner is name that is familiar to spec heads, but regular Joe’s may soon know the name when the Allwinner Glass arrives.

Apple Watch setting up look and unboxing

Apple Watch start up

The Apple Watch released in a blaze of publicity and plenty of interest from consumers, and those who have already managed to buy one are just beginning to get to grips with the wearable device. The smartwatch is selling in big numbers so this Apple Watch setting up look and unboxing may come in useful […]

TAG Heuer smartwatch price set at around $1,400


We learned TAG Heuer was getting into the smartwatch game earlier this year, but details on their first wearable have been light. Apparently, Bloomberg got the company’s CEO to open up a bit so we now have new details on the TAG Heuer smartwatch price and release date.