OnePlus gearing up for new product announcement in April


OnePlus has already let us know that the OnePlus Two is slated to arrive later this year, but the company has plans to unveil a new product that’s a bit outside the box. We still don’t know what it is, but after a teaser we have a good idea of what to expect from the company in April.

Lenovo teases potential follow-up to the Moto 360


There has been a lot of talk about Apple first wearable, the Apple Watch. Before it was even on our radar, the Moto 360 was the hottest smartwatch around, and oddly enough, we haven’t heard much about a sequel. That changed briefly today as we believe we got our first look at the Moto 360 follow-up.

Microsoft Band UK release slated for April 15

microsoft smartband

Looking for a fitness tracker that doesn’t run Android Wear and won’t break the bank? The Microsoft Band is a fine choice, but it’s been rather hard to get sine it was initially announced last year. If you were left out in the cold the first time around, prepare to be pleased as the Microsoft Band release is expanding to the UK starting on April 15th.

Apple Watch 2 could release later this year

Apple watch 2 release

At a recent Apple event we finally heard the official release date and pricing for the Apple Watch. Opinion seems to be divided about whether this smartwatch will sink or swim and at this stage that remains to be seen. However, even before the release of the first Apple Watch, attention is already turning to […]

OnePlus Power Bank now on sale with competitive price

OnePlus Power Bank

OnePlus came to prominence with the release of the OnePlus One smartphone last year, and in December 2014 the company announced an external battery pack accessory with a massive 10,000 mAh battery. At the time we knew it would release in 2015 and we can tell you today that the OnePlus Power Bank is now […]

Apple TV price drops to $69 with the addition of HBO NOW


If you turned on the news yesterday or browsed the web, you probably came across something Apple related. It was a huge day for the company, and while we covered the new Apple Watch and the iOS 8.2 update, we didn’t touch on another important bit of news. The Apple TV hasn’t gotten any love in quite some time, but it’s going to get some soon thanks to price cut and a new partnership.

Apple Watch Band and Accessory price breakdown

apple watch band

Yesterday, we told you about the three new versions of the Apple Watch. The pricey wearable is going to have some expensive accessories when it rolls out next month, so we’re going to take a quick look at the Apple Watch Band prices.

Lifeproof iPhone 6 / Plus waterproof case (nüüd) finally available

Lifeproof waterproof cases b

We’ve been writing for some time about the Lifeproof waterproof cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. There were two types of cases originally teased back in September and the frē case for the iPhone 6 came into stock in November. However, the nüüd case for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 has […]

Apple Watch price and release date are official ahead of April launch

apple watch

Apple finally unveiled the Apple Watch an event this afternoon, and while we already knew quite a bit about it, we weren’t exactly sure of the Apple Watch price or when it would hit the streets. Both of those questions have been answered, and you’ll want to start saving now if you have the Gold Apple Watch is on your radar.

The Monohm Runcible is a Round Smartphone running Firefox OS

Mono Runcible Smartphone

If you want to stroll out and pick up a new smartphone, it’s going to come in the “candy bar” form factor we’ve all come to know so well. Sure, there are still clamshells floating about, but they too are shaped like a rectangle. Looking for something different? Look no further than the Runcible smartphone from Monohm.