Catalyst iPhone 6 and Plus waterproof cases

Catalyst iPhone 6 Plus waterproof cases

Since the iPhone 6 Plus released a few weeks ago there has unsurprisingly been a lot of interest in case accessories to keep the handset protected and looking good. We know from our readers that some are looking for a waterproof case, so today we want to give you some details about Catalyst iPhone 6 […]

Samsung Gear VR has severe overheating issue

samsung gear vr

Samsung grabbed gamers attention with the Samsung Gear VR, and the device is nearing its holiday release window. Apparently, things may not be going as planned as a new report out of Korea says the Samsung Gear VR has some serious overheating issues.

Asus ZenWatch release will be extremely limited

asus zenwatch

Asus unveiled the Asus ZenWatch at IFA 2014, but it’s been very quiet on the ZenWatch front since that time. Today, we learned a bit more about the Asus ZenWatch release date, and it’s not necessarily good news.

LG G Watch R coming to South Korea on October 14

LG G Watch R

The Moto 360 has grabbed a lot of headlines lately, and the Apple Watch is getting a little more popular by the day. LG’s G Watch didn’t necessarily sell like hotcakes, but that may change with the LG G Watch R. We knew the smartwatch was coming soon, and today we found out a little more about LG’s release plans for the R watch.

Apple Watch release could be later than expected

Apple Watch release could be later than expected

When Apple officially introduced us all to the iWatch (sorry Apple Watch) last month the company announced it would be available at some point in early 2015. However, the latest news on this is that the Apple Watch release could be later than expected, and that could disappoint eager potential buyers. It’s now reported that […]

iPhone 6 battery case from i-Blason

iPhone 6 battery case from i-Blason

One of the aspects of a smartphone that is coming in for increasing scrutiny is battery life, as we increasingly use our devices throughout the day. If you’re just purchased the iPhone 6 but want to make sure you don’t run out of juice at just the wrong time, we have details of an iPhone […]

Moto 360 price for smartwatch in India

Moto 360 price for India

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular as the more mainstream manufacturers are coming up with their own versions. The Motorola Moto 360 released last month in the US, and just yesterday we gave details for UK availability. Now we have news of the Moto 360 price for the smartwatch in India, as the phone has officially […]

Caseflex iPhone 6 case in pouch style mini review

Caseflex iPhone 6 case b

So you’ve just got your shiny new iPhone 6 and it feels great to hold in the hand, but if you’re anything like me you’re already thinking of how to keep it looking that good. If you don’t want a full case but want to keep it protected while you’re out and about, the Caseflex […]

Pebble Watch price slash at Best Buy

Pebble Watch price slash at Best Buy

Smartwatches are increasingly finding their way into the market and the Pebble Watch was one of the first that generated a lot of interest. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing it but hadn’t quite got round to it then you’ll be pleased to learn of a Pebble watch price slash at Best Buy. The base […]

HTC ReCamera specs leak hits the net

HTC ReCamera

A few days ago, images of a funky new camera from HTC hit the net. It wasn’t quite what anyone expected, but interesting nonetheless. If you were wondering about the HTC ReCamera specs, wonder no more as we’ve got the scoop.