Get Infrared Vision on your Smartphone with the FLIR One thermal imager

Flir One thermal imager

Smartphones can do a lot of cool things, and we’re just now seeing the first batch of fingerprint scanners and heart rate sensors arrive. As many accessories as we’ve seen, we haven’t seen a true “attachment” that’s made us drool… until now. The FLIR One is an infrared attachment for your smartphone, and it’s definitely one of the cooler things we’ve seen out of CES.

Round Samsung smartwatch rumored for MWC 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 b

When smartwatches first started rolling out, Samsung was at the forefront. They’ve produced several wearables already, but none have been round like the G Watch R or the Moto 360. That may be about to change as a round Samsung smartwatch is tipped for release at MWC 2015.

iPhone 6, 6 Plus Mophie Juice Pack cases announced and priced

Mophie Juice Pack iPhone 6 c

Mophie is well regarded for its battery case accessories, and every time a new iPhone appears there are many people waiting for the new juice packs to arrive for the device. In September Apple released two new iPhones and now the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Mophie Juice Pack cases have been announced along with […]

Apple Watch tipped for release in March

Wearable technology is an increasing segment of the market, with big name manufacturers jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon. We’ve seen numerous Android versions now, but one that many are waiting for is Apple’s version. This was originally dubbed the iWatch, although the company eventually referred to it as simply the Apple Watch. Now it’s reported […]

Sony shows off the new $1000 Walkman ZX2

Sony Walkman ZX2

If you are of a certain age, you no doubt have fond memories of the Walkman. Mine was a yellow sports model, and it was used more than any other gadget I’ve owned in the past 10 years. They were popular for a long time, and Sony hopes to bring them back with the new Sony Walkman ZX2.

New iPhone 6 Resurgence Power Case from Otterbox

Otterbox Resurgence Power Case iPhone 6

The Apple iPhone 6 released in September and there are already a huge amount of accessories for it on the market. Today we have some initial details of the new iPhone 6 Resurgence Power Case from Otterbox. This accessories maker has quite a reputation so there is likely to be plenty of interest in this […]

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer and Socialmatic Camera announced

polaroid socialmatic

Everyone is getting in on the selfie craze, but not many companies have set their sights on instant mobile printing. Polaroid is a natural fit for that niche, and today they unveiled the Zip Instant Mobile Printer and the Socialmatic Camera.

Lenovo gearing up to release the Lenovo Cloud Camera

lenovo cloud camera

Dropcam has done pretty well for themselves, and their little cameras are now found all over the globe. It looks like Lenovo is getting ready to enter the same cloud-based space as a new gadget dubbed the Lenovo Cloud Camera has just made its way through the FCC.

Verizon unveils the Ellipsis Jetpack Hotspot

Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack Hotspot

We’ve covered the Ellipsis line from Verizon several times this year, and a new accessories has just been added to the mix. It’s called the Ellipsis Jetpack Hotspot, and it has arrived to fill all your wireless mobile needs.

Value Samsung Galaxy Note 4 accessory pack includes case

Value Samsung Galaxy Note 4 accessory pack

If you’ve recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or better still been given one as a Christmas gift, then you may be considering some accessories for it. There’s a huge choice available and it can be difficult to know where to start, so a bundle is a great idea that can save time and […]