Pebble unveils the colorful Pebble Time smartwatch on Kickstarter

pebble time smartwatch

Pebble had promised to show us something big today, and after yesterday’s leak, we assumed we knew what it was. Those assumptions were right, and you can now head on over to Kickstarter and reserve the upcoming Pebble Time smartwatch.

Pebble Smartwatch leak shows new design and display

pebble color display

A couple of days back, we talked about an upcoming announcement from Pebble. Well, that countdown clock is still ticking away, but a new leak may have spilled the beans on the company’s upcoming smartwatch.

The Beam Projector lets you stream movies from your light sockets

beam projector

A lot of people watch videos on their mobile devices, and it’s safe to say that YouTube isn’t going out of business anytime soon. We’ve seen a couple of smartphones with built-in Pico projectors, but The Beam projector is the first gadget we’ve seen that turns an ordinary light socket into a projector.

iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof waterproof case wait, alternative choice

iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof waterproof case

Lifeproof waterproof cases are popular choices for top devices, but even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released last September there are many still waiting for one of the Lifeproof cases to release. While the iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof waterproof case wait goes on, an alternative choice has come to our attention. We’ve […]

Galaxy S6 case orders may have tipped the release date

Itskins Galaxy S6 case

The weekends are generally a little slow in the smartphone world, but that’s not the case as we creep closer to MWC in Barcelona. That means it’s time for another Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor, and this time around it involves accessories. Some new Galaxy S6 cases have gone up for pre-order, and their shipping date may have just tipped us off to the Galaxy S6 release date.

New Pebble Smartwatch rumored to sport a color display

pebble smartwatch

Before there was Android Wear, there was Pebble. We haven’t spent a lot of time talking about the company lately with all the new wearables on the horizon, but that’s going to change soon thanks to a countdown clock. It appears a new Pebble smartwatch is on the way, and it may come with a feature fans have been waiting for.

LG Watch Urbane price may have arrived early

LG Watch Urbane

It’s not unusual to see retailers put up product pages for new gadgets before they launch, and sometimes they even leak a bit of information. While we don’t know how accurate this one will turn out to be, the LG Watch Urbane price may have just been revealed.

Sony SmartEyeGlass Developers Edition can be yours for €670

Sony Smart Eyeglasses

Google Glass as we knew it may not exist anymore, but the company still has plans for the wearable sometime down the road. While we wait, other companies are rolling out high-the eyewear, and you can now pick up the Sony SmartEyeGlass Developers Edition if you want to experience Sony’s take on Glass.

Apple VR headset appears in Patent Filing

Apple VR

Mobile-based Virtual Reality is slowing become a reality for thousands of folks around the globe – that own Android handsets. The VR experience on an iPhone isn’t nearly as slick, but a new patent from the company shows they may have had VR plans in the works for quite some time.

LG Watch Urbane set to give the Apple Watch a run for its money

LG Watch Urbane

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about smartwatches square, round, and curved. LG was the first manufacturer to make a truly circular smartwatch, and they are gearing up to launch a new one that makes the original G Watch R look cheap. The LG Watch Urbane is coming to MWC, and it’s going to give the Apple Watch a serious run for its money.