Microsoft Smartwatch concept looks pretty good

Microsoft Smartwatch concept

If you’re following the industry — and chances are you do, since you’re reading this — you know that the Apple Watch is official, joining several Android Wear (for Google-powered smart watches), and other smart wearable timepieces (like some Tizen-powered Samsung devices, or the Pebble). However, two out of the three major players are already […]

New Samsung Smartwatch with Fingerprint Scanner in the works


Samsung has churned out enough smartphones to provide a handset to every person on earth, and it looks like they’re going to do the same with their wearables. The Gear S was just recently revealed, and now we’re hearing rumors of a new Samsung smartwatch with an interesting feature.

Waterproof iPhone 6 cases

Waterproof iPhone 6 cases d

The iPhone 6 finally makes its way into user’s hands today, and if you’re a person who likes plenty of activity or works in extreme conditions you might want to think about a waterproof case for it. We’ve rounded up a few waterproof iPhone 6 cases for your perusal. For starters, how about a case […]

DRACO DUCATI iPhone 6 aluminum bumper

Draco Ducati 6 bumper case

If you’re already getting to grips with the iPhone 6 you may be considering keeping it protected with a case or bumper. If you want something that looks premium to go with your high-end smartphone then you might appreciate the DRACO DUCATI iPhone 6 aluminum bumper. Make no mistake, this is a very appealing bumper […]

Orbit iPhone 6 Plus low-profile bumper case

Orbit iPhone 6 Plus case

As the iPhone 6 Plus releases today there are likely to be many buyers who are now thinking of purchasing accessories for it. If you want to keep your new phone looking as good as it does out of the box you’ll want a case for it, although some will want one that still shows […]

iPhone 6 case with bi-fold stand by QDOS

iPhone 6 bi-fold case b

If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone 6 case for your shiny new device, you may feel swamped by the sheer amount available or about to come out. If you particularly want a case with a useful stand then you may be interested in an iPhone 6 case with bi-fold stand by QDOS. The QDOS […]

iPhone 6 Plus cases under $20 at Best Buy

iPhone 6 Plus Best Buy cases

The iPhone 6 Plus will hit the shelves on Friday and some buyers will want a new case for it. If you’ve already splashed out enough cash for the phone itself you might want to economize a little on accessories. We have some details coming up about iPhone 6 Plus cases under $20 at Best […]

Apple Watch round case design tantalizer

Apple Watch round design

At the recent Apple event the world finally saw the unveiling of the iPhone 6, and a nice bonus in the form of the long-awaited Apple Watch, previously dubbed the iWatch. It has been generally well received, although there are some who remain unimpressed. For those who would have preferred a round Apple Watch we […]

Survivor iPhone 6 Plus cases by Griffin

griffin iPhone 6 Plus case

The first batch of iPhone 6 Plus smartphones are set to roll out, and it’s safe to say that people are excited. We’re starting to see more accessories pop up online and at retailers as well, and iPhone 6 cases are obviously on the top of everyone’s list. With that in mind, we’re going to take a quick look at a few of the Survivor iPhone 6 Plus cases by Griffin.

Spigen iPhone 6 Plus case with card holder

Spigen iPhone 6 Plus case

The iPhone 6 Plus release is now only days away and many buyers will be considering kitting up with useful accessories. There is already a vast selection of iPhone 6 Plus cases up for sale, and today we want to delve further into the Spigen iPhone 6 Plus case with card holder. We mentioned this […]