The Nikola Phone Case uses RF signals for charging

nikola phone case

Hundreds of gadgets have come through Kickstarter offering up different ways to charge up your smartphone. The Nikola Phone Case is one of the latest, but the way it will provide you with power is truly unique.

Nokia Microsoft Moonraker smartwatch shows what could have been

microsoft moonraker

Every manufacturer has products that never see the light of day, and Nokie is no exception. The Microsoft Moonraker smartwatch was one of those gadgets, and today we’re getting a look at what could have been if the project wasn’t cancelled.

Xiaomi unveils Smart Home Kit and the Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp

xiaomi smart AC

Many of the mobile manufacturers we cover make other products, and there’s a good chance you have purchased something from Samsung or Sony that isn’t mobile in nature. Xiaomi makes all sorts of gadgets as well, and today they unveiled several of them including a Xiaomi Smart Home Kit and bedside lamp with brains.

Google Nexus Player Sale drops the price to $69.99 on Amazon

google nexus player sale

Google has been trying to get Android on the big screen for years, and the Nexus Players is their best attempt yet. A new Google Nexus Player Sale has just popped up online, and it has slashed the price down to a more manageable $69.99.

Beats Pill XL recall announced due to Overheating issue

Beats Pill XL recall

We often hear of smartphones burning a hole in something (or someone) when a battery goes wonky. The Beats Pill XL recall doesn’t involve a smartphone, but an accessory and it’s something you’ll want to know about if you happen to own the Beats Pill XL speakers.

Asus E1Z pocket projector priced at around $200

Asus E1Z projector

Yesterday, we told you about several new products from Asus, but one eluded us. It’s called the Asus E1Z projector, and it’s a pocket-sized projector specially built for mobile devices.

Nintendo NX rumors point towards an Android OS

nintendo logo

Nintendo. Almost every gamer on the planet wants to see them succeed, but they’ve had a tough run over the past few years aside from their Amiibo’s. Nintendo NX rumors have been popping up more frequently, and a new one suggests Nintendo’s next console may run on a mobile OS.

Levi’s and Google team up for Project Jacquard

project jacquard

Code names are always exciting when it comes to new tech, and they sometimes give us a glimpse of what lies ahead. Project Jacquard may sound mysterious, but it isn’t as Google spilled the beans on the new project at their annual developers conference.

Huawei Watch price revealed as pre-orders begin

huawei watch release

The Huawei Watch is set to be one of the slicker Android Wear timepieces out there, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and it was thought to be extremely expensive. Today we are able to shed a little more light on the price as Huawei Watch pre-orders have just begun.

Best LG G4 case choices from Otterbox

LG G4 cases c

The LG G4 flagship will be making its way into the hands of eager buyers over the coming weeks, and if you’re paying a good deal for a new smartphone you might want to think about buying some accessories for it. We’ve rounded up some of the best LG G4 case choices from Otterbox, with […]