Sony Smart B-Trainer is set to arrive in the US this Fall

Sony Smart B-Trainer

Fitness trackers are a dime-a-dozen, but occasionally we see something different. The Sony Smart B-Trainer certainly fits that bill and it’s actually a headset geared towards the fitness crowd.

Apple TV update rumored to arrive this September

apple logo

The Apple TV is one device that is long overdue for an update, but Apple has yet to produce one. That could change in September, as a new report suggests the new Apple TV will be announced with updated specs a few other tricks.

Samsung Gear A specs and features confirmed ahead of launch


Samsung has a conference going on in India today, and they’ve just confirmed a few Samsung Gear A smartwatch specs and features. It’s nothing we haven’t seen pass through the rumor mill before, but that rotating bezel and the Tizen OS are now official.

Google Glass is back in Business with a new Design

google logo

Google Glass as we knew it got put into “reboot” mode back in January, but several rumors have surfaced about Google Glass 2.0 since that time. A new report says the device is rolling out for testing, and that it’s geared towards the business side of things instead of consumers.

Samsung Gear A Smartwatch may arrive at Galaxy Unpacked 2015

samsung gear a smarwatch

Many new devices were shown off today, but the smartwatches weren’t among them. We’ll see the Moto 360 sequel soon, but the Samsung Gear A smartwatch is also waiting in the wings for a release. If a new report for the WSJ pans out, we won’t have to wait much longer.

iPod touch 6 review gives useful insight

iPod touch review b

Apple recently released the new iPod touch, which stepped up in several areas over the previous generation. Pricing starts from $199 for the 16GB version and there are likely to be plenty of people considering purchasing it or adding to their wish lists. With this in mind we’re showing an iPod touch 6 review that […]

ZTE Axon Smartwatch announced with Gesture Control

zte axon smartwatch

ZTE has been making waves with their recent run of high-end handsets and the new Axon smartphone. The Axon smartwatch was announced today alongside several other new devices in China and it’s safe to say its a bit of a surprise. ZTE isn’t known for their talents in the world of wearables, but that might […]

Asus Zenwatch price falls to $129 through Google Store sale

asus zenwatch sale

Looking for a cheap way to get in on the Android Wear experience? If so, you’ll be pleased to know the Asus ZenWatch price has just received a hefty price cut over on the Google Store.

Samsung Orbis smartwatch specs leak reveals new details

samsung logo

The Samsung Orbis is set to arrive soon, but we haven’t heard much recently in regards to the Orbis smartwatch specs. In fact, it’s been a bit of a mystery aside from the OS and display, but today we learned what lies under the hood of Samsung’s upcoming wearable.

Apple rolls out a new iPod Touch with the A8 chip

new ipod touch

We spend most of our time talking about the iPhone and iPad, but nobody will ever forget the iPod – for the moment at least. A new iPod Touch has just been unleashed upon the world and there are quite a few improvements over the previous model.