HP gets into the smartwatch game with Gilt and Michael Bastian

gilt smarwatch

Gilt is an e-tailer associate with luxury brands, and HP is known for their talents in the PC field. What happens when you combine them together with the designer Michael Bastian? You get a new luxury smartwatch…

Is OnePlus working on the OneWatch?


When we last spoke about OnePlus, we told you about how the company was gearing up to bring the OnePlus one to India. It appears as if the company has another product in the works as the first images of the OnePlus OneWatch have just hit the web.

Official Xiaomi Mi3 accessories now listed for India

Official Xiaomi Mi3 accessories

The Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone finally released in India earlier this month and looks likely to be a big success there. There has been a massive amount of interest in this device that has very appealing specs at an affordable price. If you’re about to purchase this device or have already done so, you may be […]

Fitbit Windows 8.1 app finally arrives

fitbit app

It’s been a long time coming, but the Fitbit Windows 8.1 app has finally touched down. The company announced the upcoming software around eight months ago, and now Fitbit owners around the globe can sync up their Windows 8.1 smartphones to their favorite fitness tracker. Fitbit has been out for Android an iOS for quite […]

Project the Time with the Ritot Projector Watch

Ritot Projector Watch

Smartwatches. We have seen a lot of them this year, and while most serve the same purposes, some devices like the Ritot watch go about things a bit differently. The Ritot Projector Watch tells the time, but it does it in a very unusual way.

Keep Tabs on your Kids around the Pool with iSwimband


As wireless tech gets better, we’re finding new ways to put it to use. Smartbands are a natural fit for wireless ideas and a new gadget called the iSwimband has caught our attention as it’s a new way to keep tabs on your toddler around the pool.

Lenovo and Vuzix set to launch the M100 Smart Glasses in September

Vuzix M100

When it comes to smart glasses, everyone instantly thinks of Google Glass. The product has received a lot of hype, but they may soon have a competitor in the tech eyewear department. They aren’t as fancy as Glass, but the Vuzix M100 smart glasses could prove to be popular and they actually have a release date.

Apple and Swatch team up for an iWatch

iWatch Hajek

If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, there’s a good chance you know what a swatch watch is. The plastic watches were a fashion staple at the time, and the stylish timepieces may be making a comeback as Swatch is rumored to have partnered with Apple on an iWatch.

You can now Unlock the Moto X with Digital Tattoos

moto digital tattoo

Last weekend, the Moto X was in the news for a nice temporary price cut, and now we’re going to tell you about a new temporary accessory for the handset. Ready for Motorola’s digital tattoos?

iPhone 5/5S Capdase Sider Baco case won’t break the bank


Smartphone accessories have become a big business with thousands of products available for the leading handsets. These can come in all shapes and sizes and at a variety of pricing levels, but the iPhone 5/5S Capdase Sider Baco case won’t break the bank while offering some stylish protection to your treasured device. Leading online retailer […]