LifeProof iPhone 6 Plus waterproof cases

iPhone 6 Plus LifeProof cases

The iPhone 6 Plus will be hitting shelves in just a few more days. Although it has some impressive specs and features it’s not water-resistant as some other top devices are, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z3. Therefore buyers might be interested to hear about LifeProof iPhone 6 Plus waterproof cases. […]

BuQu Tech iPhone 6 battery case

iPhone 6 battery case

We’re now only 5 days away until the release of the iPhone 6, and many people have already pre-ordered this smartphone. Some will also be thinking of how to protect it and may be considering iPhone 6 accessories. With that in mind we have some information about a BuQu Tech iPhone 6 battery case. The […]

iPhone 6 Plus cases from OtterBox and Spigen

iPhone 6 Plus cases

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are grabbing all the tech headlines at the moment and once pre-orders opened yesterday it soon became evident that there is huge demand for these handsets. The iPhone 6 Plus is the larger of the two new iPhones and if you’re intending to get one you might like a […]

iPhone 6 cases from Apple

iPhone 6 cases from Apple

The iPhone 6 release is now only a week away, with pre-orders going live today. There is likely to be heavy demand for the new iPhone, and it’s likely that many buyers will want to protect the handset with a case accessory. We have some details about iPhone 6 cases from Apple coming right up. […]

iPhone 6 Plus luxurious leather case

iPhone 6 case

Whenever a new smartphone arrives, you can expect a slew of new accessories to come along for the ride. The iPhone 6 Plus may not be out yet, but the first batch of accessories are beginning to roll out starting with the iPhone 6 Plus luxurious leather case.

Luxury Smartwatch maker slams the new Apple Watch

Apple Watch video b

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch a few days ago, and while a lot of the world gazed at the gadget in awe, that just wasn’t the case for some of us. Remember all that talk about how the iWatch would make people forget about high-end classic wristwatches? Well, one of the leaders in that industry has just spoken out on what he thinks about Apple’s new wearable. It is not pretty…

Samsung Gear Blink arriving next year to take on Google Glass

samsung gear blink

Google Glass is still an interesting gadget, even though Google has been dangling in front of our faces for well over a year. The longer you take to get a product out, the more competitors arise, and it appears as if Sammy is about to enter the wearable headset fray with the Samsung Gear Blink.

Apple Watch features in official video

iWatch video

The Apple Watch was officially introduced yesterday and is generating plenty of interest right now. As we’ve been referring to it for the last few months as the iWatch the new very simple title will take a bit of getting used to, although we’re not likely to forget it! If you want to see more […]

Samsung Gear VR price will reportedly be $200

samsung gear vr

There are plenty of cool gadgets to look forward to before 2015 rolls around, and Samsung hopes the Samsung Gear VR is on the hot list come Christmas time. Details have been a little vague, but the Samsung Gear VR price was revealed today, and it will set you back a cool $200.

The HTC smartwatch has reportedly been Pulled

htc smartwatch

Several companies announced their smartwatch plans at IFA, but one device we heard coming was noticeably absent. HTC didn’t unveil the rumored HTC smartwatch, and a new report says they aren’t going to anytime soon.