The Banner Saga for Android has finally arrived

the banner saga

If you own an Android device, you know that the truly great mobile games always head to iOS first. That was the case with The Banner Saga, one of the coolest RPG’s of the year. Well, today Stoic Studios finally dropped The Banner Saga for Android, and you will definitely want to clear up some time in your schedule if you dig tactical RPG’s.

Monument Valley is today’s Free Amazon App of the Day

monument valley

If you own a mobile device, there is a pretty good chance you may have heard of Monument Valley. If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. The unique puzzler is widely regarded as one of the best mobile puzzle games on the planet, and today Monument Valley is free on Amazon

Ubisoft releases the Far Cry 4 Arena Master App

far cry 4

Standalone mobile games that are tied into their console counterparts are a growing trend, and Ubisoft is at the forefront of that movement. Far Cry 4 just rolled onto consoles and as you’d expect, Ubisoft released a mobile game with the Far Cry 4 Arena Master app.

Snapchat fires up Mobile Payments with Snapcash


Sharing things amongst others has become commonplace in our mobile world, and there are countless apps that let you share things with the world, or a bit more discreetly. Snapchat is one way folks go about sharing when they don’t want the whole world to see, and the popular Snapchat app just received a nifty update that introduces a new feature called Snapcash.

Scotland vs England result prediction via FIFA 15

Scotland vs england fifa

Football fans are gearing up for action tonight with Scotland playing England at Celtic Park. Although this is officially a friendly you can be sure that there will be fierce rivalry evident throughout the game. When these two teams play each other there’s always a huge amount of hype around the match, and today we […]

The Target App update brings Black Friday Maps to the Masses


Black Friday is just a few weeks away, and we’re starting to see more Black Friday apps, and ads appear ahead of the big day. Target is going to have some major deals up for grabs, and they’ve just updated the Target app for Black Friday to get folks ready. It isn’t your typical app update…

Tilt 2 Live Gauntlet’s Revenge for Android has finally arrived

gauntlets revenge

Mobile games come in many different forms, and while most of them make great use of the touchscreen, some prefer the sensors that lie under the hood. Tilt 2 Live is one of those games, and Tilt 2 Live Gauntlet’s Revenge for Android has just arrived in the Play Store.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app connection problems, update needed

FIFA Ultimate Team app problems

The FIFA 15 UT app for Android and iOS is massively popular, but some fans are getting pretty fed up with EA because of continuing issues with it. Many users are reporting FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app connection problems, and we’re calling for an urgent update to resolve these difficulties. We know that many of […]

Euro Qualifiers app for fantasy football results

Euro Qualifers app

Euro 2016 qualifiers are currently taking place and the England vs. Slovenia match takes place later today. For a change that means Manchester Utd, Chelsea, and Arsenal fans for example will all be rooting for the same team. Some football enthusiasts may not know that there’s a UEFA app to enjoy, so we now have […]

The Amazon Appstore Free App Toolbox Sale is Live

Amazon Apps store

Most folks get their games and apps from Google Play, but there are other sources and Amazon is one of them. Google throws the occasional sale to celebrate things, but Amazon has given away more free Android Apps and Games than you can shake a stick at. Today, they are giving away a slew more with the new App Toolbox Sale.