Candy Crush Saga problems since app update

Candy Crush Saga problems since update

A certain app has been phenomenally successful with its popularity sweeping across the world since its release. However, it seems that not everything is currently sweet in the Candy Crush world. We’ve noticed some issues with the game recently and it appears we’re not the only ones who have noticed Candy Crush Saga problems since […]

Instagram app is down today


The Instagram app is down right now, which seems to be not working on both Android and iPhone platforms. Also, if you try to sign in at the official website you will notice the login box not loading and hanging for a long period of time with a 503 or 500 error happening after a […]

Mario Balotelli in LFC tease before FIFA 15 release

Mario Balotelli Liverpool teaser

The football world is buzzing right now with transfer news, with big names in the game moving to various clubs. One of the signings causing plenty of excitement is Mario Balotelli to Liverpool, and today we have a Mario Balotelli tease before the FIFA 15 release. This gives a suggestion of how he will look […]

Madden NFL Mobile has arrived for Android and iOS

Madden NFL Mobile

Fall is upon us, and if you live in the states, that means one thing – it’s time for football. Every year we get a new Madden game to break in the season, and this year’s entry has just landed as Madden NFL Mobile is live on Google Play and the App Store.

Man Utd Angel di Maria transfer news while mobile

Man Utd Angel Di Maria transfer

The new football season is now underway and Man Utd transfer news is a hot topic amongst fans of the mighty club. Although the first two games of the Premier League haven’t offered the big revival that many had anticipated, there’s plenty of excitement that it may all be about to change with a new […]

Black Friday apps awaiting Android 2014 update

Black Friday apps

Although we are still relishing the delights of summer, it really won’t be too much longer until THAT time of year rolls round. Yes, we mean shopping for the holiday season and of course the infamous Black Friday deals that are so popular. Today we have details of some Black Friday apps awaiting Android 2014 […]

Calculords for Android has arrived to make Math fun again

calculords for android

Calculords was an instant success when it touched down on the App Store earlier this year, and Android users were a little agitated when they couldn’t get in on the action. Today Calculords for Android has arrived, and if you’re in the mood for a comedic math game set in space, it’s just the thing for you.

Afterlight app finally on Android

afterlight for android

Google Play has come a long way over the past few years, but there are still thousands upon thousands of great iOS apps that haven’t made it to Android. One popular photo app did make the journey earlier in the week when the Afterlight app for Android finally touched down in the Play Store.

FC Barcelona news app reaches 1.7

FCB Logo

If you want to follow FC Barcelona on your mobile, there’s really only one way to go about it – the FC Barcelona News app. The popular app has recently received an update, and footballers will be pleased with the wealth of information it provides.

Swing Copters app hitting iTunes and Google play

swing copters ios

Swing Copters. The name may not ring a bell at the moment, but that’s all you’ll be thinking about after you pick up the game. The Swing Copters app is a new time waster from the creator of Flappy Bird, and your free time is going to take a big hit.