Live Football News FTBpro iOS update brings crash fix

FTBpro live football news update b

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter if you’re a Man Utd, Liverpool FC or Chelsea fan as we all of us have one thing in common, a love of football. The FTBpro app is our absolute favourite for keeping informed about all the latest news, but some users of the app have been having crashing issues […]

New Candy Crush Saga Android and iOS updates but problems continue

New Candy Crush Saga updates

Over the last couple of months we’ve been reporting on various issues, mostly concerning Facebook login, with the popular Candy Crush Saga apps for Android and iOS. Since we first reported on this we’ve seen various updates for the apps arrive and hoped for bug fixes. Now there are new Candy Crush Saga Android and […]

Halloween kids activity apps for iPhone, iPad

Halloween kids apps for iPhone

With Halloween 2014 just a few days away you might want some activities to keep the kids entertained for this special time of year. We’ve scoured the App Store for suitable apps for some fun ideas and have rounded up some of the best Halloween kids activity apps for iPhone and iPad. Our first suggestion […]

The Facebook Rooms app lets you create your own anonymous mini community

facebook rooms app

The Facebook app is one of the most download mobile apps on any platform. Last week, the company unveiled the Facebook Rooms app for iOS. Ready to get social in an all new way?

Man Utd vs Chelsea live news club apps updated

Man Utd vs Chelsea lives news app updates

One of the most avidly awaited football matches so far this season takes place later today. We’re talking about Manchester Utd vs. Chelsea FC, and anticipation is building nicely for the big game. Whether you’re a fan of Radamel Falcao or Diego Costa this is a match you’ll want to follow, and we can tell […]

Candy Crush Soda for Android and iOS wait

Candy Crush Soda Saga Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of the phenomenally successful gaming app Candy Crush Saga then you may already have heard of a new game from King called Candy Crush Soda Saga. So far the game is available on Facebook, but many eager players are waiting for it to release on Google Play or the App Store. […]

Rockstar throws a GTA sale for Mobile ports of GTA III, San Andreas, and Vice City

grand theft auto sale

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the more popular franchises around, and there have been a slew of games released over the years. It’s going to make you feel ancient, but GTA San Andreas is having it’s 10th anniversary this year, and in celebration Rockstar has decided to throw a Grand Theft Auto sale for the mobile ports.

The PhotoMath app uses your Camera for Calculations

photo math

Math is a difficult thing for some folks, and it certainly isn’t something most of us do just for fun. Calculators can help, and every smartphone comes with one these days, but what about an app that can solve equations with your camera? That’s exactly what the PhotoMath app can do, and it’s just arrived for iOS and Windows devices.

Clash of Clans update arrives before Halloween

Clash of Clans update before Halloween

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular gaming apps and enjoyed by millions of mobile device users. If you’re an iPhone or Android device player of the game you’ll be interested to hear that a Clash of Clans app update has just arrived before Halloween. The update has arrived today on the App […]

Top 2014 Diwali apps for iPhone, iPad

Diwali apps iPhone b

The special festival of Diwali is upon us and Hindus across the world will be celebrating this occasion, and coming together with family and friends. If you want to enhance this exceptional time you might be interested in some top Diwali 2014 apps for iPhone and iPad. These include Happy Diwali images, Diwali wishes, greetings […]