Anki Drive iPhone app on iTunes today


If you are a fan of Artificial Intelligence then you will love one new product being featured during WWDC 2013, and that product is named Anki Drive. It is supported by an iPhone and iPad app that will go live on iTunes at some point today. When Tim Cook handed the stage to those behind […]

BBC Weather standalone app released for Android & iOS

BBC Weather standalone app released for Android and iOS

There are a number of different applications available to smartphone users that can provide an up to date weather prediction, and today the standalone BBC Weather app has been released for both Android and iOS users to download for free. The company has a number of mobile apps available to users and has now listened […]

US Open Golf official app for iPhone, iPad and Android


A big event on the sporting calendar takes place this week, and many golf enthusiasts will be following the prestigious US Open tournament. These days many of the major sporting events have accompanying mobile apps, and this is the case for the US Open. Today we have details for you of the US Open Golf […]

WWDC 2013 video stream live in app screenshot only


With just over one day to go until WWDC 2013 it wouldn’t surprise us if some people were looking for a live WWDC 2013 video stream already. This is something we have been doing for our readers in the hope that Apple will do something similar to the iPhone 5 announcement last year, which featured […]

E3 2013 app for iPhone, iPad on event day


This is a quick post about the official E3 2013 app that received an update to version 1.1 just a few days ago. If you want to keep up with the latest news via official channels and social networks, then the E3 2013 app is well worth downloading before the event kicks off tomorrow. The […]

Man of Steel trailer reveal for Android and iOS Superman game


UPDATE: The Man of Steel iOS app is now available, read here. The upcoming Man of Steel movie is attracting a lot of attention right now, and there’s only one week to go before the new Superman film will first release. There will also be an Android and iOS mobile game version, and today Warner […]

Speech Jammer app for iPhone, a fun experience to share


At Phones Review we like to give readers details of useful, entertaining and just plain bizarre apps, and today we want to tell you about the rather intriguing Speech Jammer app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is a free app so you have nothing to lose by trying it out, and it seems […]

Modern Combat 5 teaser video & the name debate

Modern Combat 5 teaser video & great name debate

So far we have had Modern Combat Sandstorm, Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus, then there was Domination and MC 3 Fallen Nation, and the 4th instalment was Zero Hour. Today we have some great news about Modern Combat 5 that is now being teased before E3. FPS (First Person Shooter) fans will be happy to […]

WhatsApp users: BBM Android, iPhone release is too late

WhatsApp users- BBM Android, iPhone release is too late

In one of our earlier articles we reported that the BBM release date for Android and iPhone looks set to fall on June 27th, but this has caused mixed feelings across the globe. BBM for Android and iPhone will have to go up against the likes of WhatsApp, which is already a cross-platform application and […]

Hi Guess the Brand logos app and answers

Hi Guess the Brand logos app and answers

There are many iPhone games you wished you never started and the one for us is the brain busting, addicting ‘Hi Guess the Brand’ app. Hi Guess the Brand has hundreds of brand logos and you have to guess what they are by filling out the black titles with the letters provided, if you get […]