Pregnancy apps for Android, iPad and iPhone


There are mobile apps for just about everything these days, and pregnancy apps are no exception. Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting times of life, and it’s good to feel in the know about what’s going on with your body and of course, how your baby is developing, childbirth and more. With […]

Tour de France live video coverage via apps


The 2013 Tour de France will be experienced easier than in any previous year thanks to advancements in mobile technology and software. You will be able to watch Tour de France live video coverage via mobile apps across platforms easier this year than you might have experienced previously. Android and iPhone users can download an […]

Cross-platform apps for Android, iPhone’s iOS and WP

Cross-platform apps for Android, iPhone's iOS and WP

There will be many people that use a variety of different mobile devices and these can sometimes be on different platforms, so there will come a time when you will need cross platform apps for Android and iPhone iOS or even Windows Phone, and today we are looking at some of these. Below this article […]

Android vs iPhone’s iOS highlighted by fake BBM app


Whenever we speak about the Android vs. iOS platforms, or devices that run these operating systems, we receive comments from readers who are staunchly in favor of one over the other. Many people are fiercely loyal to their platform of choice, but the differences of Android vs. iPhone’s iOS has been highlighted once more by […]

Birthday Reminder app for iOS the easy way to remember

Birthday Reminder app for iOS the easy way to remember

It can be quite easy to forget some people’s birthdays only remembering at the last minute before rushing out to the shops or purchasing some sort of digital gift or card, but today we have news of the free Birthday Reminder app for iOS that is the easy way to remember those dates. This new […]

World’s biggest free word search puzzle game

Worlds biggest free word search puzzle mobile game

A new game was released last week and it has been regarded as the best in class on all platforms, today we can share with you the stunning and addictive “World’s Biggest Word Search” app by AppyNation Ltd. This new word search puzzle mobile game is by none other than those that created MicroMachines 2, […]

World War Z game is average on Android and iPhone

World War Z game is average on Android and iPhone

There are a number of games that are available on mobile platforms that are some sort of movie tie in that can be available long before the actual film has been released to the public, but the World War Z game has been found to be average on Android and the iPhone. The movie hit […]

Instagram video app hands-on, iPhone and Android update


We have been keeping our readers informed about the Instagram video app improvements that update the application with new video capture abilities. Our most recent article explained a little about the new Instagram video app update for both iPhone and Android OS. We also touched on how these new features would battle the popular Vine […]

Supermoon inspires best Android and iPhone moon apps


Many of you will have heard that this weekend we will be treated to a lunar phenomenon known as a Supermoon. This occurs when the moon is simultaneously at its closest point to Earth and is also a full moon. There is such a lot of interest in this Supermoon effect that it has prompted […]

Best 5 free games for Android, iPhone in video


If you enjoy gaming on your Android device or Apple iPhone then we have a video to show that might interest you. It’s a selection of the best 5 free games for Android or iOS smartphones or tablets, and gives a 5-minute look at some great games that you can enjoy this summer. If you […]