Worms 2 Armageddon for Android released to critical acclaim

Worms 2 Armageddon for Android released

There are certain games that are released onto mobile platforms that quickly gain a huge number of fans, and their release is sometimes held in high anticipation. Now for Android users Worms 2: Armageddon has seen a global release with the game already getting a number of positive reviews from users. The popular title is […]

Shop Scan Save saves you money while shopping

shop save app

We all like to find a bargain especially now as money is tighter than before and modern mobile technology has helped us do this with a huge number of smartphone applications available to users. The Shop Scan Save app for Android and iOS will help you save money while you are out shopping. The free […]

Twilight app for Android promises a good night’s sleep

Twilight app for Android promises a good nights sleep

Most of us at one time or another will have suffered from insomnia or had trouble dropping off to sleep lying awake for ages watching the clock go round. Modern technology has meant there are more ways to help with this away from visiting the doctor and there are a growing number of applications that […]

Original Sonic the Hedgehog Android app & gameplay video


As well as new smartphones and tablets we like to keep readers informed about new apps, some practical and others for entertainment. The big news today regards the original Sonic the Hedgehog game from Sega, which has been remastered for a brand new Android app. What’s even more exciting for some of us who were […]

Watch WrestleMania 29 with Android & iOS WWE app live stream


It’s April 7 and that means tonight it’s time for WrestleMania 29 when WWE fans all over the world will be watching the action from the MetLife Center in New Jersey. At the moment the countdown is ticking away and we have details for you of the official WWE app for Android and iOS devices. […]

Apple iOS Maps could be getting its own Street View

apple street view

Ever since Apple ditched Google Maps in favour its own offering many users have been disappointed with what the in-house app had to offer, but Apple are busy improving the service and at some point in the future Apple’s iOS Maps could be getting its own Street View feature. iOS users now have access to […]

Facebook Home release and device compatibility

facebook home

With more people now owning smartphones and tablet PCs it has meant that the use of social networking sites while on the go has increased dramatically. This has been done so far with the various apps that are available, but now Facebook Home has been anounced along with a release date and device capablity. As […]

Can Knockdown 3 for Android & iOS nears release

Can Knockdown 3 for Android & iOS nears release

There are a great variety of games available for mobile devices with some big title franchises making their way from home consoles to be enjoyed on the various platforms on smartphones and tablets, but there are still some other addictive and highly entertaining games that prove to be hugely popular among users. Now we have […]

Twitter update to Android app, new look and changes


There are always plenty of new tablets and smartphones to report on but at Phones Review we also like to bring you information of apps, both new and updated. Today we can tell you that the Twitter Android app has just been updated and we have some details of the new look and changes that […]

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 2.0 released on Android, great new features

SHADOWGUN DeadZone released on Android

There are certain games available on mobile platforms that really capture the hardcore gamers’ imagination, and now SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 2.0 is released on Android, with some great new features. The game is easily one of the most popular multiplayer shooters that are available for Android users, and the game has just received a nice big […]