Plasma-Sky for iOS in weekend price cut

Plasma-Sky for iOS in weekend price cut

There are a huge variety of different games available for mobile devices and retro type space shooters are extremely popular, and today we have news of a recently released game called Plasma-Sky for iOS that has seen a price cut for the weekend. This new game is also available for Android users to enjoy but […]

Google Now for iOS release contradiction

Google Now for iOS release contradiction

Apple and Google remain fierce rivals in the mobile world with both companies’ platforms dominating the mobile space, but Google does have some presence in the Apple world with some applications available to iPhone users. Now there is some contradiction going on regarding a Google Now for iOS release. Earlier this month we heard that […]

Become Creative In Bed: Download ibis Sleep Art

Become Creative In Bed- Download ibis Sleep Art

We have all done some funny things in bed and yes we all think our “performances” do, at least occasionally, have merit. But creating art! Mmmm, perhaps not. Until now that is, because there is a new app that creates art and yes real unique art at that while you sleep. The app is called […]

Amazon Kindle joins growing BlackBerry 10 app list

Amazon Kindle joins BlackBerry 10 app list

For a smartphone platform to become successful besides the hardware the ecosystem that supports it can be the making or breaking of it. In the past BlackBerry has not be known for the great variety of applications that Android and iOS enjoys, but now Amazon Kindle joins a growing BlackBerry 10 app list. When the […]

Tabletop Defense iOS app brings classic tower game


Classic tower defense game Tabletop Defense has now arrived for the iOS platform and is available from Apple’s App Store. The app from Immanitas Entertainment can now be played on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and this game should keep many players enthralled. Read on as we have all the details. For those who’ve not […]

Chameleon Launcher for Android released to all

Chameleon Launcher released for Android phones

Many smartphone owners like to alter the software and features that are shipped with the device, even if it is simply installing the various applications that are available, and today we have news that the Chameleon Launcher app for Android has been released to all. Back in January the application was made available for owners […]

Final Fantasy V to release for Android & iOS

Final Fantasy V to release for Android & iOS

There are always certain games no matter how old they are that still bring fond memories from gamers, and this includes popular franchises that have been going for years. We now have news that Final Fantasy V will be released for Android and iOS users beginning this month in Japan. The popular SNES instalment of […]

Star Wars Pinball follows Android with IOS release

Star Wars Pinball follows Android with IOS release

If you are fan of the Star Wars movies and also like playing pinball games you will be pleased to hear that Star Wars Pinball has now been released for iOS users to enjoy after already being available to Android users. The game became available for Android users last month and now a version for […]

Jawbone UP app reaches Android platform


We always enjoy bring readers news of some of the most popular apps out there and one of those is the Jawbone UP app. This is a health and fitness app that is used alongside a special wristband, but until now the app has only been available for iOS. Today we can tell you the […]

Draw Something 2 release to continue social network influence

Draw Something 2 release will influence social networks

Do people still play Draw Something, and if another were released would you play for like a couple of days then move onto something else? The reason we ask these questions is simple –Draw Something 2 release is now a reality thanks to celebrity American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest. OMGPOP and Zynga released its first […]