JailbreakCon 2012 site live, WWJC and MyGreatFest


Jailbreaking is part and parcel of our everyday lives with more often than not, information being passed around about the latest hack. So big is it that London UK held the very first conference dedicated to those hackers, developers and fans allowing them to join together in holy hack-trimony.

Message Valentines Day love ones on Phones Review

Message Valentines Day love ones on Phones Review

Well that day of the year especially for romantics has finally arrived, Valentine’s Day, a day when most turn their thoughts to romance and give cards and gifts in appreciation of their loved one or ones or suffer the consequences if by chance you have forgotten. Some years back when you sent your Valentine a […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 special event next month


News just keeps hotting up in relation to Samsung’s new Galaxy S III or S3 smartphone and today its no exception. Since the start of 2012, here at Phones Review we’ve brought you an abundance of news, be it rumoured specs, comparisons to other handsets, what features the S3 really should have and so on.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus & Note: release bombardments

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus & Note: release bombardments

Recently my colleague Mark revealed that there is a rumour that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will release on the 13th of March are a special event. Well the originators of that particular rumoured Galaxy S3 release date apparently have other information on a couple of Samsung devices that will release later in 2012. According to […]

iPhone 5 release on track: WWDC 2012 June unveil

iPhone 5 June release on track- WWDC 2012

Everything seems to be going back to normal at the Apple head quarters, and the iPhone seems to be on track for a June / July release. Hopefully these months will come true considering the iPhone 5 is expected to launch at WWDC 2012 in June. Ever since 2007 when the iPhone 2G was released […]

Separate event to show off Samsung Galaxy S3

Separate event to show off Samsung Galaxy S3

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 event will not be the place to unveil the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3; we already reported news on this. The good news is there will be a separate event to show off the new smartphone. TechRadar is reporting that they were contacted by Samsung confirming that the SGS3 […]

MWC 2012 Asus PadFone, possible device of the year

MWC 2012 Asus PadFone launch will excite pic 1

Looks like this year is going to be very good indeed for the new Asus PadFone, official news says that it will be unveiled at MWC 2012 February 27th. This could possibly be the device of the year if Tegra 3 and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 chip are really on board. Things will be a […]

Nokia plotting MWC 2012 teaser, what is it?

Nokia plotting MWC 2012 teaser, what is it?

Obviously the next big event in the mobile space is Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, where hopefully we will learn all about new upcoming smartphones and tablets from differing manufacturers, and it appears that Nokia has something up their sleeve for the MWC 2012 even but aren’t letting on just what. According to an […]

Galaxy S3 missing from Mobile World Congress 2012: Update

Galaxy S3 missing from Mobile World Congress 2012

Update below Obviously the next big reveal anticipated from the Samsung camp is the successor to the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 the aptly named Samsung Galaxy S3 and many are expecting old Sammy to dish the dirt on their latest Android smartphone during Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona next month. However apparently that […]

iOS 5.1 & iPad 3 public launch expectations


Apple’s next generation iPad 3 is still expected early part of this year, and despite there being no concrete information to go on, the tablet is hoped to come in March with an announcement at the end of February. This would bring it in line with the official release of the iPad 2 a year […]