CES 2010: Samsung Corby S3650, CorbyPro B5310, Galaxy Spica


Something else for us all to be looking out for at the CES 2010 is the showcasing from Samsung as they will be showcasing three ‘global phones’. The phones are the Samsung Corby S3650 Samsung Corby Pro B5310 and the Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700. The Galaxy Spica i5700 is an Android phone which has been […]

CES 2010 Apple and Google Showcase lowdown


Eyes are on Apple and Google at the CES 2010 Tablet Computers, Mobile devices and more set to amaze and dominate the Consumer Electrics Show. After many years of talking about it it would seem that finally we have the tablet computer about to0 turn into reality. It is expected that there will be several […]

CES 2010: Google Nexus One Phone Unveiling Jan 7


The much anticipated HTC Google Nexus One Android phone is expected to be unveiled at CES 2010 event on Jan 7, Google hopefully is unveiling its vision of how a mobile phone should be made and sold according to the Press Association. The main Nexus One features includes the likes of USB access for downloading, […]

Apple to update the iPhone 3GS’s Wi-fi to 802.11N or will they


There has been a posting that identifies an Apple Job description is alluding to 802.11N wireless in the next iPhone. ‘the ideal candidate should possess excellent underwriting and working knowledge of 802.11 implementations on embedded preferably mobile platforms’. Although the posting isn’t that telling it does allude to an iPhone engineer (software) that would need […]

Tipb at CES 2010 with smartphone experts.


Great news here as The iPhone blog is going to be at CES 2010 together wit the rest of the Smartphone Experts. This is the first time ever that Apple’s not at Macworld, Macworld isn’t in January and iPhone stuff will be definitely at CES 2010. Whether or not you are an App Store developer, […]

Microsoft Keynote to be held at CES 2010 on the web


Microsoft will once again be broadcasting their CES keynote live on the Web. Chief executive officer of Microsoft Steve Ballmer and president of the Entertainment & devices division will be holding the keynote. They will be holding the keynote live on the web on Wednesday January 6th at 6.30pm PST. Previously the pair held the […]

No Samsung Mobile Phones at CES 2010

No Samsung Mobile Phones at CES 2010

The way things are going it looks like CES 2010 may well be a washout where mobile phones are concerned as according to an article over on ubergizmo, Samsung’s presence as CES 2010 will be limited. According to the latest rumour, Samsung will attend CES 2010 but won’t launch anything new on the mobile phone […]

Verizon to launch the Palm Pre 3 at CES 2010


Well here we are right at the start of a new year and here is some really exciting new year news regarding Palm. Apparently it has been reported that Palm will be revealing the third generation of the Palm Pre next week at CES 2010. Press invites have apparently already been sent out by Palm […]

AT&T returns to International CES 2010


AT&T is going to return to CES in January to show its continued commitment to openness and innovation. It will be its fourth annual full day developer summit and is to be held at the Palms resort in Las Vegas. President and CEO Ralph de la Vega of AT&T Mobility and Consumer markets will kick […]

Coming to CES iPhone credit card reader Mophie


Accessory maker for iPhone and recession antidote regular Mophie is abut to spill the beans on something truly amazing. It would seem that this may well move its short history by offering this amazing credit card reader and accompanying a transaction application fort eh Apple handset. Currently positioned as a direct competitor to Jack Dorsey’s […]