IPhone 4G from Verizon coming next week


There are lots and lots of rumours which surround the Apple Tablet the iPhone OS 4.0 and iLife 2010 all expecting to be debuted next week. According to Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek, he also thinks that Apple will be revealing a partnership with Verizon for the iPhone 4G. The said phone will be running […]

Fancy a Free Nexus One or Verizon Droid its all in the game


Quite surprising really that seven of the ten most popular paid applications in the Android market are in fact games. Rather strange really for a platform that doesn’t appear polished or half as appealing as the iPhone. People all over the place are gravitating towards game never the less and of course as Android continues […]

Apple Event 2010 Live Update: January 27th

Apple Event 2010 Live Update: January 27th

You no doubt are aware that Apple is holding an event on the 27th of this month at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. It is rumoured that Apple will make the announcement of new products which the main rumour is they will announce the next generation iPhone, iPhone OS 4.0 and the iSlate. […]

MWC 2010 to see first Android Handset from Garmin-Asus

MWC 2010 to see first Android Handset from Garmin-Asus

The word coming down the pipeline is that the president of Asustek’s mobile device business, Benson Lin has said that the joint venture Garmin-Asus will show their first Android based product and the Mobile World Congress reports digitimes. Note the word show, because if it takes anything like the time Garmin-Asus took to get out […]

Jan 21st will see Nokia Ovi Event

Jan 21st will see Nokia Ovi Event

The word is Nokia is planning an official Nokia Ovi event for the Thursday 21st of January and has sent out official invitations reports an article over on noknok, that’s only 2 days away, and the noknok guys say it could well be a software announcement rather than any new handsets. Well t with it […]

Will Apple’s 2010 latest creation be tablet or iPhone OS 4.0?


There are many speculations at the moment covering the 2010 Apple Event and what they will be revealing, could it be the all new tablet or iPhone OS 4.0. Well it has been confirmed that the Apple Event 2010 will be held on January 27 and that Apple’s new artwork clearly says “Come see our […]

Latest creation from Apple coming 27th January


Apple have officially announced a very special event which is scheduled for just over a week away January 27th, in San Francisco. The special event is to announce to the now awaiting public their latest creation. The question being asked now though is what can we expect at the event? Is it going to be […]

iLive announce over 30 iPhone products at CES


The electronics maker iLive has the definite intention of presenting 33 new audio products that have been designed for both iPods and iPhones. There are a wide variety of different designs ranging from retro to modern. Great news for iPhone users as the new products include portable speakers and go right up to home theatre […]

Saygus show Android VPhone at CES 2010

Saygus show Android VPhone at CES 2010

Believe it or not there are other Android handsets that aren’t actually made by HTC, and one such is the VPhone which is produced by Saygus, and Saygus was at CES 2010 showing off their handset reports an article over on wired. We probably last heard of the Saygus VPhone when it was going through […]

CES 2010: Worlds First Seal Cell waterproof mobile


When you think you’ve heard it all about what’s going to turn up at CES 2010 here’s something else and believe me this is something else. Now all of us smartphone users out there no fully well that it would be a good idea to put them in the dishwasher with your dinner plates would […]