Fonerange Rugged Android Dual SIM handset review


While leading smartphone manufacturers are now offering slightly tougher mobile phones, for some users these still don’t offer enough sturdiness. Today we have a Fonerange Rugged Android Dual SIM handset review. The guys over at MobileFun kindly sent us the Fonerange Rugged Android Phone for a hands on review, which I have been using over […]

Samsung Galaxy Docking Station review, universal fit


There are lots of different official accessories made available for the flagship smartphones from various companies, and today we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy Docking Station in a review that offers a universal fit for a number of Galaxy handsets. We were lucky enough to be sent the official Samsung Galaxy Docking Station by […]

ChicBuds Porta Party Bluetooth speaker review


It is getting to that time of year again where many of us will be spending more time outside and away from our homes, whether this for holidays or other outdoor events. This will mean for some mobile users that playing and sharing our music will become important and today we have a ChicBuds Porta […]

Nomad ChargeKey review, simplistic charging solution


There will be many of us that have noticed that our smartphone or tablet is rapidly running out of battery life, and despite the fact you may be close to lots of wall outlets or USB ports, you don’t have your charger cable at hand. Now this can be a thing of the past with […]

Sprng Clip EarPod review, fixes Apple design flaw

Sprng Clip EarPod review, fixes Apple flaw

There will be many of you that have purchased an Apple device whether it is a smartphone or an iPod that just can’t get on with the supplied EarPods due to the fact they won’t stay where they are supposed to. Help is at hand though and rather cheaply as we now have a Sprng […]

Vodafone Smart Tab 3 review, worthy Nexus 7 alternative


The Android platform is full of more affordable 7-inch tablet PCs with some better than others but if you are on a budget there is plenty to choose from, and today we have a Vodafone Smart Tab 3 review, which is a worthy cheaper Nexus 7 alternative. Last year we reviewed the Vodafone Smart 3 […]

Nexus 7 Noreve Tradition Leather case, quality protection


There will be many tablet PC owners that decide to purchase some sort of case to not only protect their treasured device and keep it safe, but also many of them can enhance the experience when using the slate. Today we have a hands on review of the Nexus 7 Noreve Tradition Leather case, which […]

Gadgeo Galaxy S3 cases review, stylish protection


There are many owners of mobile devices that like to protect their hardware with some sort of case or bumper, and luckily for the consumer there are loads of products available. If you don’t mind spending a reasonable amount on a product you certainly are provided with some that offer a little more quality, and […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tech 21 Impact Snap Case review


Like many people I have always fitted cases to my mobile devices to hopefully offer some protection if I have the misfortune to drop the device. Usually on my handset I have a cheap plastic bumper case but I have recently been using the Samsung Galaxy S3 Tech 21 Impact Snap Case for a review. […]

Nokia Lumia 925 review on Vodafone, great camera


During 2013 Nokia launched a number of new handsets to the buying public running the Windows Phone 8 operating system, one such device that hit the market last summer was the Nokia Lumia 925 that we have for review on the Vodafone network which has a great camera. The version of the Nokia Lumia 925 […]