ZTE Blade V hands on review, budget Android JB


For those that want to own an Android smartphone there is a huge variety of devices to choose from especially at the lower end of the market. We have recently been sent the ZTE Blade V to review on Virgin Media in the UK which certainly falls into the budget bracket while running the Android […]

GTA V iFruit Android app not working for me

ifruit handson

After waiting weeks after the iOS platform was treated to the app RockStar Games finally got around to releasing the GTA V iFruit Android app, but so far the application is not working correctly for me on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Due to work commitments I have not had much chance to play GTA V […]

Samsung Galaxy Fame Hands-On Review: Reasonable performance


Samsung obviously gets a lot of press regarding its flagship smartphones but the company has long provided consumers with cheaper alternatives that still have some nice features and reasonable specs. Today we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy Fame in a hands on review to see how the handset performs. We were lucky enough to […]

JCB Toughphone Sitemaster Hands-on Review: Does what’s expected


In the last few months we have been seeing smartphone manufacturers launching devices that have a bit more toughness to them, but these are still expensive and for some users may not be tough enough. Today we have the JCB Toughphone Sitemaster TP802 in a Hands-on review with the device offering great toughness and doing […]

Android 4.3 update hits Nexus 7 in the UK


A few days ago Google officially announced the latest version of the Android Jelly Bean operating system following weeks of leaks that saw the firmware running on various devices. At the launch they announced the rollout of the new software would start straight away for Nexus devices, and as normal this has seen a staggered […]

iPhone 5 vs. 4S battery life, drain on iOS 7 fixed


Last week you might have seen our article taking a hands-on look at the iPhone 5 vs. 4S battery life with the latest iOS 7 beta. During this test with iOS 7 it was the iPhone 4S battery life that raised a few questions, and this handset suffered bad battery drain after installing the latest […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on review and upgrade decisions


There is no doubt that the biggest smartphone release so far this year has been for the Samsung Galaxy S4. While the handset has come under some criticism from certain quarters after spending a few days with the device for a hands on review the smartphone was found to be very impressive, but upgrade decisions […]

BlackBerry Q10 hands on review, premium quality that needs work


For a few years now smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has seen its market share dwindling away to the likes of the Apple iPhone and the Android platform. Earlier this year though the company begun its fight back with the launch of its new operating system, and today we have a hands on review of the BlackBerry […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 keyboard apps vs default


Android users have more choice when it comes to changing the preloaded stock applications on their smartphones for features such as the keyboard. If you are the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 you may have been affected by the device continually returning to the default keyboard if the handset is shut down no matter […]

Vodafone Smart 3 hands-on review, impressive results

Smart 3

There are always lots of new high end smartphones being released but if you don’t want to pay out so much money on a smartphone there are still a number of worthy options still open to you. Phones Review was lucky enough to be sent the Vodafone Smart 3 to try out for a hands […]