BlackBerry Q10 hands on review, premium quality that needs work


For a few years now smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has seen its market share dwindling away to the likes of the Apple iPhone and the Android platform. Earlier this year though the company begun its fight back with the launch of its new operating system, and today we have a hands on review of the BlackBerry […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 keyboard apps vs default


Android users have more choice when it comes to changing the preloaded stock applications on their smartphones for features such as the keyboard. If you are the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 you may have been affected by the device continually returning to the default keyboard if the handset is shut down no matter […]

Vodafone Smart 3 hands-on review, impressive results

Smart 3

There are always lots of new high end smartphones being released but if you don’t want to pay out so much money on a smartphone there are still a number of worthy options still open to you. Phones Review was lucky enough to be sent the Vodafone Smart 3 to try out for a hands […]

Update: HTC Windows Phone 8S hands-on review is surprising

HTC Windows Phone 8S hands-on review is surprising pic 1

Phones Review was kindly sent the HTC Windows Phone 8S smartphone by Virgin Media, and below is our hands-on review. We will mention many aspects about this phone covering design, key features and much more, as well as our overall summary. Introduction The HTC Windows Phone 8S is what we call a mid-entry phone, and […]

Galaxy S3 default keyboard bug fixed with Swype release, Hands-On

handson swype

Android users can easily change the stock features of their handset by installing a huge variety of applications that are available, but they are not without their problems in some cases though. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have long been plagued with the default keyboard bug that sees the handset returning to the stock […]

Facebook Home hands on review, good but kills battery

Facebook Home hands on review, good but needs work

Earlier this month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage to reveal its new home on Android along with the new HTC First smartphone. The new Facebook skin was first released in the US but has now quickly spread to other regions and we have spent some time with the new service to bring […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 hidden features that have the wow factor

SGS 3 hands on

Despite a new model being released soon the Samsung Galaxy S3 remains a premium smartphone that still has a lot to offer those that already own one. There are a few features that can be hidden if you don’t know where to look but some of them certainly bring the wow factor to the average […]

iPhone 5 Really Ticks Me Off: The Great Debate

iPhone 5 Really Ticks Me Off- The Great Debate

I would like to give a little review on why I am starting to dislike the iPhone 5, and if the next installment aka iPhone 5S does not come with bells and whistles then it might be time to make a harsh decision. Do not get me wrong the iPhone 5 is a lovely phone […]

My time with the Samsung Galaxy S3

My time with the Samsung Galaxy S3

A few months ago I decided to treat myself to a new smartphone after owning my previous device for two years, which in the smartphone world is a long time with technology moving forward at a rapid rate. After spending a while looking at the options available I plumped for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and […]

BlackBerry Z10 hands-on review including video

BlackBerry Z10 Review hands-on and video

The latest flagship device from BlackBerry has been unveiled as the BlackBerry Z10. It marks a move away from the Canadian manufacturer’s previous output, and is the first handset to be released solely under the BlackBerry name after CEO Thorsten Heins declared that RIM has been rebranded as BlackBerry to signal the manufacturer’s change in […]