Lumia phones timeframe for Windows 10 update leaks

Lumia phones timeframe for Windows 10 update

Although the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL will release running Windows 10 Mobile, others are hoping that their existing Lumia devices will soon start receiving the update. We gave some initial information on this in early October when Microsoft confirmed that rollouts would start in December. Now a Lumia phones timeframe for the Windows […]

Acer Jade Primo price set around $400, may arrive in December

acer logo

Last month we learned of the Acer Jade Primo, an upcoming Windows 10 smartphone billed as a PC phone. The Acer Jade Primo price has been the topic of debate, and today we learned about what it will cost you and when it might arrive.

Lumia devices for Windows 10 update, starts rolling December

Lumia devices for Windows 10 update

The dust is starting to settle after yesterday’s Microsoft event, and three new Lumia smartphones were announced. They will all be running Windows 10 Mobile on release but many owners of existing Lumias will be wondering when their devices may start receiving the software upgrade. Microsoft has now said that the Lumia devices Windows 10 […]

Teclast X98 Pro Tablet specs reveal 4GB of RAM and Windows 10

teclast X98 Pro

Teclast isn’t a brand you’ve seen us cover much, but we’re back with news of an interesting slate. The Teclast X98 Pro is gearing up for a release later this year with great specifications, and it’s set to run Windows 10 straight out of the box.

Windows 10 Mobile latest preview vs WP 8.1 speed comparison on Lumia 930

Windows 10 Mobile latest preview vs WP 8.1

Many people are eagerly waiting for the Windows 10 Mobile update that is expected to land in fall. The OTA update will be made available for various existing Lumia smartphones and is also expected to feature on the heavily rumored Microsoft Lumia 950 or Lumia 940 and XL version. Today we’re showing the Windows 10 […]

Windows 10 Mobile update list confirms 10 Lumia smartphones

Windows 10 Mobile

We’ve spent a lot of time covering new Lumia smartphones in the rumor mill, but we’re going to switch things up today. The Windows 10 Mobile update will soon begin to roll out through OTA’s, and Microsoft has given us a list of which devices should get the update first.

Windows 10 Mobile minimum specs requirements

Windows 10 Mobile minimum specs requirements

Many Windows Phone device enthusiasts are waiting for Windows 10 for Mobile, and there’s some interesting news on this today. Microsoft has released details of Windows 10 Mobile minimum specs requirements, and these are lower than many would have expected. The required specs for the new mobile OS are in some cases even lower than […]

Microsoft Mico Windows 11 design gives ideas

Microsoft Mico Windows 11 design

There’s plenty of buzz right now about Windows 10 for mobile but some are already looking further ahead. It can be tantalizing to look at ideas for upcoming devices as well as operating system versions, and one designer has created the Microsoft Mico Windows 11 design that we’re showing here. Thisconcept design depicts Windows 11 […]

Windows 10 release date of July 29 confirmed

Windows 10 release date

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to find out when Windows 10 will be available, we can tell you today that a Windows 10 release date of July 29 has just been confirmed. Since last year we’ve been hearing developments about the major upgrade, and Microsoft previously issued a Windows 10 insider preview. It’s good then […]

Lumia 735 from Verizon appears at the FCC

lumia 735

While other carriers in the states throw up promotions to pull new customers in, Verizon sits idly by and does their things. The company doesn’t dabble with plan promotions as much as some of their competitors, but they do bring in a lot of new handsets. We’ve touched on several new smartphones headed to Big Red already this month, and you can now add the Lumia 735 to the list.