Android L vs. 4.4, Windows Phone 8.1 and iOS 8

Android L vs 4.4 vs Windows Phone 8.1, iOS 8 b

One thing that is always evident to the team at Phones Review is the amount of loyalty that device users show to their preference of operating platform. It’s always interesting to look at the latest operating systems as well as upcoming versions, so today we’ve collected some videos together that show Android L vs. 4.4, […]

Fitbit Windows 8.1 app finally arrives

fitbit app

It’s been a long time coming, but the Fitbit Windows 8.1 app has finally touched down. The company announced the upcoming software around eight months ago, and now Fitbit owners around the globe can sync up their Windows 8.1 smartphones to their favorite fitness tracker. Fitbit has been out for Android an iOS for quite […]

Is the LG D635 the next Windows 8.1 smartphone from LG?

windows 8.1

LG has put out several Android tablets and slabs, but the company has been absent from the Windows side of things. That could soon change with the LG D635, a new smartphone that’s rumored to run Windows 8.1.

The Microsoft Surface Mini is Officially Dead

surface logo

If you were holding out hope that Microsoft would release the Surface mini this year, you won’t like this news. The company has confirmed that the Surface mini is will not be on the shelves at any time in 2014, so they’ll be no mini Microsoft tabs under the tree this year.

Specs and Pricing revealed for the Prestigio Multiphone 8400 DUO and Multiphone 8500 DUO

Prestigio Multiphone 8500 DUO

When you think of Windows phones, most folks generally think Nokia. At Computex in June, Microsoft showed off a few new devices from the likes of Yezz, Blu and Prestigio, but details were a little light. Today we got the lowdown on two of the devices with the Prestigio Multiphone 8400 DUO and Multiphone 8500 DUO.

Microsoft cancels the 3D Touch McLaren

microsoft logo

Microsoft is undergoing some major restructuring in their smartphone division, and it looks like those 18,000 jobs, and Android Nokia devices aren’t the only cuts being made. The rumor mill never stops churning and today we learned the company may be cancelling another device called the McLaren smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is now available for purchase in the UK

Nokia Lumia 930

If you reside in the UK and dig Windows phones, you may have today marked on your calendar. The Nokia Lumia 930 was scheduled to land in the UK today, and its done just that as you can now pick one up through a variety of carriers including Clove, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse.

Microsoft lays off 18,000, and pulls the plug on Nokia X Android devices

nokia x2

If you picked up a Nokia X and are waiting for another Android-based Nokia handset to arrive, it’s time to close up shop and head home. Microsoft has just laid off 18,000 people, and axed your Nokia Android hopes in one fell swoop.

The Cyan Update starts rolling out to Lumia handsets running WP8

nokia lumia

If you own a Windows handset, you have no doubt been waiting for that big Cyan update to drop. Well, the wait is almost over as today the Lumia Cyan update has started its rollout.

Windows Phone 8.1 update release for existing users soon

Windows Phone 8.1 update release very soon b

The Windows Phone 8.1 update was officially unveiled back in April and many devices users are now eagerly waiting to receive the upgrade for their current devices. While new devices are starting to arrive running the new OS and some developers have access, it has yet to roll out for other users of the platform. […]