Nokia Lumia 625 takes a turn with Black update

625 black

Both Nokia and Microsoft have been busy improving the Windows Phone 8 experience by providing users with new firmware updates that add new features and improve performance. Now the Nokia Lumia 625 is the latest handset to get a taste of the Nokia Black update. Nokia started to push out its Black firmware update earlier […]

Nokia Lumia Black update release begins journey

Nokia Lumia Black update release begins journey

While the team here on Phones Review often have news regarding new firmware updates for Android devices, we still like to report news for other platforms as well. The Windows Phone 8 platform is steadily gaining users with Nokia being the leader in terms of hardware running the operating system, and now the Nokia Lumia […]

Windows Phone 8.1 update joy

Windows Phone 8.1 update joy

There was a lot of anger leading up to the launch of the new Windows Phone 8 platform from users that already had a device that was running Windows phone 7 when they heard that the new operating system wouldn’t be coming to their hardware. Today though we have some Windows Phone 8.1 update news […]

Windows Phone 8.1 physical vs on-screen buttons

Windows Phone 8.1 physical vs on-screen buttons

Is Microsoft really testing Windows Phone 8.1 Blue in-house? This is a question that has been flying around a few days now, there are reports suggesting that the company will release new Windows Phone smart devices next year that could possibly feature hardware Back, Windows and Search buttons. If you look over on Twitter leak […]

Verizon HTC 8X Windows Phone receives GDR3 update changes


Microsoft officially announced the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update in October and we’ve already seen it rolling out to various devices. Now it’s the turn of the Verizon HTC 8X Windows Phone and owners of this smartphone will be pleased to hear that this device is now receiving the WP8 GDR3 update. The GDR3 update […]

Samsung Ativ S WP8 GDR 3 update now rolling


The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update was made official last month and is slowly beginning to be pushed out to various devices. The good news today is for owners of the Samsung Ativ S smartphone, as the GDR3 update is now rolling out for this device. Recently we told how the HTC 8XT on […]

Windows Phone 8.1 to debut on two new Nokia devices


Just lately there has been plenty of talk about the WP8 GDR3 update, but attention is already starting to turn to Windows Phone 8.1 Blue. WP8.1 is scheduled to arrive next year and dribs and drabs about it have been leaking out so far. Now we hear that Windows Phone 8.1 will debut on two […]

Nokia Lumia 1520 running debatable Windows Phone 9

Nokia Lumia 1520 running debatable Windows Phone 9

Some may love this and a few may not, take a little look at the Nokia Lumia 1520 running the new Windows Phone 9 concept. The Windows Phone 9 operating system concept is the creating of WPcentral forums user PoUria, to be fair it all looks clean with a few things that stick out that […]

Sprint HTC 8XT GDR3 update rolling now


If you own the Sprint HTC 8XT smartphone you may have been wondering when it will receive its first update. The good news is that the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update is ready and rolling out now for your device. Many people have been waiting for the GDR3 update as this now makes it possible […]

Surface RT recovery image fixes Microsoft 8.1 RT problems: Updated

Microsoft 8.1 RT update fixed with Surface RT recovery image

Yesterday we reported that a few users had problems with their Microsoft Surface RT after installing the new Windows RT 8.1 update, in some cases leaving the tablet bricked. The Windows RT 8.1 updated was then removed from the Microsoft Store, since these issues occurred Microsoft released the new Surface RT recovery image, which restores […]