Best smartphones to anticipate in 2015

Hotly anticipated smartphones 2015

At the end of a year we like to start looking ahead to smartphones that will be on offer in the next year. As far as high-end devices are concerned there will be plenty available, with flagships to look forward to from the major manufacturers. Today we’re thinking about the best smartphones to anticipate in […]

Apple iPhone 6s mini rumored with 4-inch screen

iPhone 6 and Plus waterproof cases

When it comes to Apple and its popular iPhone, there were two things people complained about: the state of iOS (there were those who thought that it is slowly becoming boring), and the smaller size of the phone, compared to the trend on the market for bigger and bigger screens, mostly set by Android and […]

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 vs Nexus 6 speed test is close

iPhone 6 vs galaxy note 4 vs nexus 6 speed

Three of the most popular devices of the year that have all arrived in the last few months are the Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Google Nexus 6. These are all impressive devices and it’s always interesting to see how top-flight smartphones compare against each other in different respects. Today we have […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 7 /6S vs HTC One M9 for 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 7 vs HTC One M9

Now we’ve had all of the big releases this year our attention is already turning to some of the top flagships for next year. Samsung, Apple and HTC all have popular lines for high-end phones, so today we though we’d look forward at what may be offered with the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 7 […]

Walmart iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Galaxy S5 price deals

Walmart iPhone 6 price deal b

If you have the Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on your wish list for Christmas then you might want to point potential buyers to Walmart for some current savings. We have details of Walmart iPhone 6 and 6 Plus price deals and there are also savings on the iPhone 5S and the Samsung […]

iOS 8.1.2 gets delivered to iPhones, iPads, with bugfixes

iOS 8.1.2 update

Apple continuously improves its mobile operating system as new bugs are being discovered (and addressed), and new functionality is being added, in addition to fine-tuning the entire experience, let it be on an iPhone, or an iPad. If your Apple phone or tablet is running iOS 8, then there’s an even newer version available for […]

iPhone 6 Plus review roundup, best choices

iPhone 6 Plus review roundup

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus released in September and will be on plenty of people’s wish lists for Christmas. If you’re still trying to choose between the phablet iPhone and another device such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M8 or LG G3, you may appreciate our iPhone 6 Plus review roundup, with […]

iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 then Note 4 most wanted gadgets via Yahoo

iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and Note 4 b

It’s often interesting to take a look at some of the lists that arrive towards the end of the year such as top devices, best smartphones, best-selling tablets and more. Yahoo Tech recently published its 10 Most Wanted Tech Gadgets of 2014 list, and Apple and Samsung products dominate the first three spots. Read on […]

iPhone 7 design features iOS 9

iPhone 7 design b

Apple has another hit on its hands with the iPhone 6 and it’s safe to say that the next version is already in the works, either as the iPhone 6S or 7. While we wait to start hearing specs leaks and more it’s time to look at an iPhone 7 design that features iOS 9 […]

Apple iPhone 5c to be discontinued next year

iPhone 5C 8GB for India on the way

When the iPhone 5S came out last year, it was basically the upgraded version of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 continued to live though, but Apple has made it available in a plastic shell, instead of the aluminium one used on the 5 (and on the newly released 5S); this became the iPhone 5C, […]