iPhone OS 3.0 Poll: Have you downloaded new software update?


As you are all aware the all new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 software update is now live and ready to download via iTunes, we would love to know if you have downloaded it yet. We would also love to know if you like or dislike and of course is it what you expected, we will […]

Now Live: iPhone OS 3.0 Software Available for Download via iTunes


You have heard about it, you have read about it, you have waited for it and now it is all official and live; yes at last the new iPhone OS 3.0 Software is now available for download. We want to know once you have downloaded the all new software via iTunes how long it took […]

iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update: Push Notifications


We are still clicking the update Software button in iTunes and still no new iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update, so let’s talk about the all new ‘Push Notifications’ that will be within the new software. Push Notifications has now got its very own top-level button in beta and as part of beta 5 and Apple […]

New iPhone OS 3.0 Update: Voice Control working with 3GS


The all new Voice Control will be here pretty soon with Apple iPhone OS 3.0 working in conjunction with the all new iPhone 3GS, let’s talk a little about it shall we. With the new iPhone 3G S when holding down the Home Button it will activate the awesome ‘Voice Control’, when this button is […]

New iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update: Home Screen Details


The SpringBoard app behind the all new iPhone OS 3.0 Home Screen looks pretty similar to that of the earlier versions, but there are a few differences. The SMS is now labelled as Messages, the Stocks icon has had a little makeover and there is a stunningly new Compass icon and app, you will notice […]

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Software: What Hasn’t Changed!


The all new iPhone OS 3.0 is being launched today at around 6PM possibly before will have many new features and we have told you about them, so let us tell you what hasn’t changed. The new software will be amazing but things like the ‘Weather’ has not changed, basically still the same since iPhone […]

New iPhone 3G S Orders Online: How long will I have to wait?


Many readers are asking how long they will have to wait for the new iPhone 3G S that they ordered online, well some are saying as early as June 19 which may not be the case but this may not be the case. According to PC World the June 19th date has been replaced with […]

O2 Confirm Release Time of iPhone OS 3.0 and Features


O2 has confirmed that the new iPhone OS 3.0 software will be ready for 6PM today (June 17); this software will already be on the new iPhone when it releases Friday and will be available to download for your existing iPhone for free. The all new software will give you around 100 new features for […]

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Software: in-app purchasing tool for developers


The all new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Software is being talked about a lot and why not considering today is the day when you will be able to download it, estimated time in the UK is between 4 to 6PM. The software will be good because developers will see much more money; the in-app purchasing […]

Poll: Are you excited about downloading New iPhone OS 3.0 2009?


Today is the day for the new iPhone OS 3.0 2009 which will hopefully happen in the UK between 4PM and 6PM today, we are suspecting it will be ready to download about 5PM. Like you we are waiting for the new iPhone OS 3.0 to go live here in the UK and we was […]