BlackBerry with Android not ruled out

blackberry android

There were many that felt that Nokia should have adopted the Android platform as it looked to regain some of its market share, and now BlackBerry see’s itself in a similar situation that Nokia once did with dwindling market share but a BlackBerry with Android hasn’t completely been ruled out. We heard recently that BlackBerry […]

Blackberry Q10 battery life drain debate

q10 battery life

No matter what smartphone that is owned some users can experience poor battery life regardless of how the handset is used, and it seems as if some owners of the BlackBerry Q10 are suffering from battery life drain. A handsets battery life can depend on a number of different factors which are not always the […]

Verizon BlackBerry Z30 and the need to supply

BlackBerry Z30 release, price confirmed by Verizon

At last Verizon has confirmed that they will be making available the BlackBerry Z30 in November, they did not specify an exact date but at least we know its next month. Verizon Wireless announced that the BlackBerry Z30 price would be $199.99 with a two-year contract; the Verizon Edge installment plan will also be available […]

BlackBerry Z30 heading for Verizon release

Z30 verizon

Despite its current problems and takeover talk Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry is still operating as usual by launching new hardware or apps, and now it seems that the BlackBerry Z30 is heading for a Verizon release in the not too distant future. The BlackBerry Z30 is the latest flagship smartphone to come out of the […]

BlackBerry Z30 released and priced for India

BlackBerry Z30 released and priced for India

While the company may not be having the best of times recently in terms of sales it does seem that BlackBerry is on a bit of a roll this week, as we have already seen the BBM app arrive and now the BlackBerry Z30 is released and priced for consumers over in India. The latest […]

BlackBerry Z30 review on video gives guidance


BlackBerry is having a rough time lately and really needs its new Z30 flagship smartphone to be a big success. Many of you may be thinking of purchasing this new handset, so with this in mind we thought we’d like to share a BlackBerry Z30 review on video to help you decide if this is […]

Rogers says yes to BlackBerry Z30 release


The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone is starting to hit the shelves in various world regions and BlackBerry will be hoping that its latest flagship device hits the mark as far as consumers are concerned. If you’re in Canada then you may be interested to hear that Rogers now says yes to the BlackBerry Z30 release. At […]

Rogers BlackBerry Z30 denied for Q10, Z10: Update

Rogers BlackBerry Z30 denied for Q10, Z10

Update: Looks like Rogers will be selling the BlackBerry Z30 now, please read more about this here. Rogers were always the ones wanting the top smartphones, but today it may come as a shock because they do not want the top BlackBerry Z30, they believe that the Z10 and Q10 are good enough. The BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Empathy with Android could revive company

BlackBerry Empathy with Android could revive company

There are two popular operating systems that do well, one is iOS and the other is of course Android. We all know that iOS will never make it to any non-Apple device but as for Android it seems to get everywhere, so how about putting the Google software onto BlackBerry devices – remember the BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Z30 UK release, shipping unlocked to US


The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone was recently introduced and the release is now starting to roll out worldwide. It has just become available in the UK but there has been no launch date confirmed yet for the US. However, the unlocked BlackBerry Z30 can be ordered through the UK for international shipping to the US and […]