BlackBerry Passport SE shows up running Android

blackberry passport SE Android

The BlackBerry Android rumors aren’t going to die down anytime soon, and today we’ve gotten a look at something unique. The BlackBerry Passport SE has been shown appearing to run Android, and it’s just as cool as you’d expect.

BlackBerry Venice and Dallas testing taking place

BlackBerry Venice and Dallas in testing

BlackBerry device enthusiasts are buzzing right now about rumors that the company is to bring out a new smartphone running Android rather than the BB OS. The BlackBerry Venice is a candidate for this, though at this stage it’s unofficial. We recently saw some renders for this device and now it appears that BlackBerry Venice […]

BlackBerry Venice photos show the company’s next Flagship

blackberry venice

In the smartphone world, things tend to move fast. Less than 24 hours ago we told you about a new BlackBerry headed for AT&T, and now we have BlackBerry Venice photos that show the new device.

BlackBerry Venice rumored to see an AT&T release

blackberry logo

It’s no secret that BlackBerry has several handsets in the works, and a slider is one of them. Today the BlackBerry Venice is in the rumor mill again with a possible release coming through AT&T.

BlackBerry Android phone design sparks imagination

BlackBerry Android phone design

There have been a growing amount of murmurings lately about a possible BlackBerry Android phone. If you’re thinking that you’ve read that wrong, you haven’t. This would be a BlackBerry made smartphone running Android rather than BlackBerry’s own BB operating system. The rumors have been growing, but while we wait for more we want to […]

BlackBerry Prague rumored to be low-end Android handset

blackberry logo

BlackBerry news has been coming in hard and fast this week, and many of those rumors touch on an Android-based BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Prague is the latest handset to make its way through the rumor mill, and it could be their next release.

BlackBerry Venice set to be a high-end Slider

blackberry venice slider

We recently talked about how a BlackBerry Android smartphone may soon exist, but that’s not all the company has in the works. The BlackBerry Venice is the codename for a new handset, and it’s set to be one of the company’s fastest devices.

A BlackBerry Android smartphone may soon be in the works

blackberry logo

It’s no secret BlackBerry has had a tough road over the past few years. A BlackBerry Android smartphone could be the thing to turn the company’s fortunes around, and a new report suggests one may be in the works.

BlackBerry Passport gets tasty price cut, US and Canada

BlackBerry Passport gets tasty price cut

The BlackBerry Passport has certainly turned a few heads since it released, although not always for the right reasons. It has very decent specs but people either love or hate its square styling. If you’re one of those who find it appealing but haven’t got round to purchasing one yet, you might like to know […]

BlackBerry Oslo photos give us a new look at the handset

blackberry oslo

In April, a new photo showed up to give us our first look at the BlackBerry Oslo. The rumor mill has been quite ever since, but today we’re getting another look at the handset along with some new information that touches on the BlackBerry Oslo specs.