BlackBerry Passport announcement coming on September 24

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry is expected to unveil several new smartphones, and the company hopes at least one of them will attract some fans back into the fold. The Passport seems the most likely to do that, and today we finally received word on a possible BlackBerry Passport release date.

BlackBerry Passport 4K video specs teased

BlackBerry Passport 4K video specs teased

The BlackBerry Passport smartphone is heading to the market soon, and despite some initial misgivings about it’s rather unusual design we have to say that leaked specs so far have given us plenty to think about. The more we see of it the more we like, and now there’s a BlackBerry Passport 4K video specs […]

BlackBerry Passport specs leak includes Snapdragon 800 and 3GB of RAM

BlackBerry Passport in white shown before release

We’ve gotten brief glimpses of that awkward little device known as the BlackBerry Passport, and fans of the company are waiting to see how the new smartphone will pan out. We still don’t know exactly when you’ll be able to pick up the Passport, but today we learned what it will have under the hood.

BlackBerry P’9883 Porsche design leak hits the web

blackberry khan P9883

Some have called it the BlackBerry Porsche P’9883 while other’s have simply called it Khan. We prefer the latter as that’s an awesome name for a handset – Trekkies will be pleased. Regardless of what you call it, the new BlackBerry P’9883 pics show a sleek device with a Porsche Design.

BlackBerry Passport edges closer to release

BlackBerry Passport edges closer to release

There’s a fair amount of anticipation among BlackBerry device enthusiasts for the upcoming BlackBerry Passport. We’ve already seen this device several times, and now the BlackBerry Passport has edged a step closer to release. BlackBerry CEO John Chen officially revealed the Passport back in June and further to this we saw the phone pictured in […]

BlackBerry Passport early video look

BlackBerry Passport early video look

Back in June BlackBerry CEO John Chen showed off two upcoming smartphones, the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic. These phones will release later this year. and if you’re interested in the BlackBerry Passport you might like to check out an early video look that we are showing today. In late June we shared some new […]

Micromax Unite 2 vs BlackBerry Z3

blackberry.z3 vs micromax unite 2

It’s showdown time! Today we’re going to take a look at two popular mid-range handsets in our Micromax Unite 2 vs BlackBerry Z3 showdown. Ready to find out which one comes out on top?

Zenfone 5 vs BlackBerry Z3 specs face-off for India

Zenfone 5 vs BlackBerry Z3

There are many smartphones available for the Indian market and it’s always good to put two similarly priced examples up against each other. The Zenfone 5 and BlackBerry Z smartphones both recently launched for India and have been gathering a fair amount of attention. With that in mind we’re looking at the Asus Zenfone 5 […]

BlackBerry Khan and Manitoba Specs hit the Net

BlackBerry 10.3 update brings speedier Android apps

It’s no secret that BlackBerry is attempting a comeback, and the company has several new devices in the works. New information has just arrived on two of them, and they are being called the Blackberry Khan and Blackberry Manitoba.

BlackBerry Strong concept is what the Passport could have been

BlackBerry Strong concept is what the Passport could have been

Despite BlackBerry’s struggling fortunes there are still plenty of enthusiasts of the brand out there. Many readers will have head of the BlackBerry Passport that will release later this year, but today we want to show you a BlackBerry Strong concept that is perhaps what the Passport could have been. You can read more about […]