New HTC Desire phone leaks with top-flight specs: UPDATED

New HTC Desire phone leaks

Last month HTC officially announced the HTC Desire 826 and at the moment most of the attention is on the One M9 flagship smartphone. It’s thought that this will be formally unveiled at MWC in early march, and now we’re hearing of another device that’s tipped to be announced at around the same time. This […]

HTC Desire 826 price indicators emerge

HTC Desire 826 price indicators

The HTC Desire 826 was made official earlier this month, but at that time there was no news on pricing. Today though we have some info about HTC Desire 826 price indicators, as the device has now appeared on HTC China with the price for that country. This gives us an estimation of prices for […]

HTC One M8i mid-ranger rumor puzzle

HTC One M8i leak

The HTC One M8 has been a massively popular flagship device, but much of the attention right now is on the upcoming HTC One M9. It’s anticipated that this could be officially unveiled at a pre-MWC 2015 event on March 1st, so we were surprised to hear of a possible new variant of the One […]

New HTC One M9 Render may be the real deal

HTC One M9 evleaks

We see a large number of smartphone leaks every day, and they come in from every kind of source you can imagine. Twitter was a great place to get news, and @evleaks aka Evan Blass, was one of the biggest leakers around. He’s outed numerous HTC handset in the past and today he dropped a new HTC One M9 render.

HTC Desire 526G+ Dual SIM launches in India from Rs. 10,400

HTC Desire 526G+ launches in India

HTC smartphones are generally well received and a new one has arrived on the scene today. The HTC Desire 526G+ Dual SIM has launched in India with a price from Rs. 10,400, and we have further price information as well as details of availability and specs coming right up. We’ll kick off with the specs […]

HTC One M9 benchmark appearance today and scores

HTC One M9 benchmark appearance

There’s immense interest in HTC’s upcoming flagship, and speculation and news about the One M9 continues to grow ahead of its expected unveiling at MWC 2015 in March. Now the HTC One M9 has made a benchmark appearance at Geekbench today, so read on for scores and more. We’ve been hearing plenty about this device […]

HTC Desire 820 vs OnePlus One India price and specs

HTC Desire 820 vs OnePlus One

The HTC Desire 820 Dual SIM and OnePlus One have both been attracting plenty of attention among smartphone buyers in India, although the latter is available only via an invitational process. These both have some very decent specs and so buyers may find it hard to choose between them. Today we have an HTC Desire […]

HTC Desire 826 vs Desire Eye initial comparison choice

HTC Desire 826 vs Desire Eye b

Earlier this month HTC formally introduced its Desire 826 smartphone. It’s expected to release this quarter and has quite a few similarities to the HTC Desire Eye that released late last year. Therefore some buyers may be wondering how to choose between them and that’s where video comparisons can come in useful. Today we have […]

HTC Desire Eye vs Oppo N3 camera phone clash

HTC Desire Eye vs Oppo N3

With selfie photography a growing trend, there’s plenty of interest in smartphones that pack notable front-facing cameras. Two that fit the bill here are the HTC Desire Eye and the Oppo N3. If you have these phones on your shortlist and are wondering how to choose you might enjoy the HTC Desire Eye vs. Oppo […]

HTC One M9 Plus specs and photos have arrived

HTC One M9 Plus

Unless you live under a rock, you know the HTC One M9 is coming to MWC next month and a smartwatch is said to arrive alongside it. Well, there may be another handset in the works as well as the HTC One M9 Plus specs have just been leaked online.