HTC One Remix set to Launch on Verizon July 24th

HTC One Remix

The HTC One Remix has been lingering around the rumor mill since the M8 hit the streets, but a new leak has the device scheduled to arrive at Big Red this Thursday, July 24th.

HTC Butterfly 2 coming soon, HTC Eye due in Q4

HTC Logo

The HTC One M8 is HTC’s flagship handset of 2014, but the company still has several devices in the pipeline including the HTC Eye and HTC Butterfly 2. Details have been sparse in terms of when we might see the smartphones, but today we got some new information on both devices release dates.

Virgin Mobile USA gets the LG Pulse, HTC Desire 816, ZTE Emblem and LG Unify

LG Pulse

Virgin Mobile isn’t a name that rings out as much as AT&T or Verizon in the states, but they are bolstering their smartphone lineup with four new Android devices according to a new leak that’s just hit the web.

HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 update has 4.4.4 fixes

HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 update includes 4.4.4 fixes

It’s always good to be able to bring readers news of updates for their devices, and today’s news will interest owners of the unlocked HTC One M8. The HTC One M8 is about to receive the Android 4.4.3 update and this also has 4.4.4 fixes. We first saw evidence of the release of Android 4.4.3 […]

Upcoming Verizon phones from August 2014

Upcoming Verizon phones from August 2014 c

There is a massive variety of smartphones on the market right now but there are still plenty of new handsets coming for the remainder of the year. We’ve been reporting on many of the devices still to release, and today we’re giving readers a refresher of some of the upcoming Verizon phones from August 2014. […]

HTC M9 design has quad speaker set up

HTC m9

The last two flagship smartphones from HTC has helped put the company back on the Android map again, with the latest model getting a lot of praise. Now today we have another HTC M9 design that has a quad speaker set up in its specs. We have already seen a number of HTC M9 concept […]

HTC Desire 610 headed to AT&T on July 25

HTC Desire 610

The HTC Desire 610 has already showed up in various parts of the world, and we talked about how the smartphone was headed to AT&T at the end of last month. The carrier made things official today, and the handset is quite a bit cheaper than previously thought.

HTC Desire 616 vs. Moto G for price and features

moto x vs htc desire 616

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone that won’t break the bank, the HTC Desire 616 and Moto G are great choices, but which one is right for you? We’ve gone over both handsets and broken things down so you can check out the specs, and make an informed decision on which device is right for you.

HTC Desire 616 and One E8 priced at India launch

HTC Desire 616 and One E8 priced at India launch

The smartphone market in India offers a wide choice, and today two new HTC phones have arrived on the scene. The HTC Desire 616 and One E8 have both been priced at the launch for India and we have price details and specs coming right up. We’ll start with the cheaper of these two dual […]

Sony Xperia M2 vs HTC Desire 610, mid-range clash

Sony Xperia M2 vs HTC Desire 610, mid-range clash

The smartphone market is bursting at the seams with a huge variety and something suitable for all sectors of the market, from low-end handsets to top-notch flagship devices. Today we’re looking at two recently released mid-range smartphones in a Sony Xperia M2 vs. HTC Desire 610 comparison, with a video review as well. We’ll start […]