HTC One M9 design revisited in metal

HTC One M9 revisited

Just a few days ago we shared a concept design of the HTC One M9 for 2015. This came with a pleasing specs list and the renders showed a very attractive glossy handset. Now that HTC One M9 design has been revisited in metal for an alternative look and the designer has also come up […]

HTC Nexus 9 still on Track and Coming Soon

HTC Logo

The last time we saw a Google-based device from HTC was back in 2010 with the Nexus smartphone, but we’ll get a new gadget from the company sooner than later if a new report pans out. Remember the mythical HTC Nexus 9? Apparently, it’s still on the way as a new report says the company’s engineers have been hard at work on the new slate.

HTC One M9 design offers appealing specs

HTC One M9 concept b

The much-admired HTC One M8 flagship smartphone released back in March and so attention is already moving on to the HTC One M9 2015. Although it’s too early for meaningful leaks on specs and features, we’ve already seen a few concept designs as teasers of what might come. Today we have a new HTC One […]

HTC One Prime vision is a work in progress

HTC One Prime design

We’ve been hearing rumors about an HTC One M8 Prime aka One Max 2 for some time, and now want to share a new design with readers. This concept HTC One Prime is a flagship smartphone that has been envisioned by prolific concept designer Hasan Kaymak. The designer has come up with some impressive device […]

HTC Butterfly 2 on sale in the US through Expansys USA

htc butterfly 2 usa

Each year we see countless smartphones released in the East that folks in the West can never get their hands on. Chinese smartphones are slowly making their way to the US and UK, but there are still plenty of regional devices we’d like see abroad. If you live in the states, and wanted to snag the HTC Butterfly 2, today is your lucky day as Expansys now has the smartphone up for sale.

HTC Nexus 9 tipped for an October announcement

HTC Eye rumor mill

An intriguing tidbit hit the net today regarding the mysterious device known as the Nexus 9. We know HTC is behind it, and we know it’s scheduled to arrive next month, but we didn’t have a date. If the new rumor is true, we now have a date and a few other bits of interesting information.

HTC Desire 610 touted for Verizon release

HTC Desire 610 touted for Verizon

The mid-range HTC Desire 610 arrived on the scene earlier this year, and in the US it’s already offered by AT&T. If you’re a customer on Big Red and hoping that the phone would be offered by your carrier of choice there’s some promising news today. The Desire 610 is touted for a Verizon release […]

HTC Eye rumor mill starts to build

HTC Eye rumor mill

This article is really a snippet rather than a full story, as there’s really not too much to go on just yet. However, a new HTC smartphone has been leaked and it has “Eye” as its codename. The HTC Eye rumor mill has now started to build, and we have some initial details. We first […]

Nexus 9 confirmed through NVIDIA and expected to arrive in Q3

Nexus Logo

We saw a lot of handsets at IFA last week, and a few slick tablets as well. While we knew the Nexus 9 wouldn’t show up at the event, it’s still out there, lurking and waiting to take your money. It’s been a little quiet on the Nexus front lately, but that has changed as the Nexus 9 has just been revealed by NVIDIA.

HTC One M9 vision designed with style

HTC One M9 design

The HTC One M8 is a flagship smartphone that released in March and has turned plenty of heads in admiration. It’s a very attractive looking handset, and now we have a tantalizer of the next iteration. Today we’re sharing an HTC One M9 vision that we feel has been designed with real style. Obviously this […]