HTC One M9e made official with specs and price

HTC One M9e goes official

HTC appears to be concentrating on variants of a theme just lately, and now another HTC One M9 version has been launched. The recently announced and much-awaited HTC One A9 bridges the mid-range to high-end of the smartphone markets, and the same could be said of the HTC One M9e. We have details of the […]

HTC One A9 review in triplicate

HTC One A9 review in triplicate

Just over a week ago HTC announced the new One A9 smartphone. It sits midway between a mid-range and high-end handset and is set to release in November. The first reviews are already in and rather than just one we thought we’d give you an HTC One A9 review in triplicate, offering different expert opinions. […]

HTC Desire XI design with meticulous specs sheet

HTC Desire XI design

Today we’re showing an HTC Desire XI design that comes with a meticulous specs sheet. It’s a good-looking handset but steps away from many of the concept ideas that we usually share as the specs list is so detailed and there’s even suggested pricing. Its target market would be hardcore Android enthusiasts and developers in […]

HTC Desire 820 update to Android Lollipop begins

HTC Desire 820 update

The HTC Desire 820 released late last year running the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system version. For some unknown reason it has remained on KitKat ever since, but now the HTC Desire 820 update to Android Lollipop has begun. The delay in pushing out Android Lollipop to the Desire 820 had led some to question […]

HTC One A9 price after promo will go up $100

HTC One A9 price raise

Last week HTC announced its One A9 smartphone, and so far it’s attracting a fair amount of attention. Pre-orders were available as soon as it was made official, with a limited time promotional price of $399.99. Now HTC has stated that the HTC One A9 price after the promo will go up by $100. HTC […]

HTC One Aero design shows what One A9 could have been

HTC One Aero design c

The HTC One A9 was finally made official in the week and is going to release in November. After months of leaks and rumors about the smartphone there was a lot of attention drawn towards the fact that it looks very iPhone-like. Some readers may know that this device was originally rumored as the HTC […]

HTC One A9 price for UK and pre-orders

HTC One A9 price for UK

There has been a certain amount of anticipation for the HTC One A9, although in recent weeks leaks suggested it would not quite have the top-flight specs that many were expecting. Yesterday the device was finally made official, and we have some details of the HTC One A9 price for the UK and pre-orders. In […]

The HTC One A9 price begins at $399, ships with Android 6.0

HTC One A9

The HTC One A9 has been in the rumor mill more often than most smartphones in the latter half of the year, but today it finally became official. The HTC One A9 price is cheaper than expected, and the specs are right in line with the good old rumor mill.

HTC One A9 images of dummy unit show multiple angles

HTC One A9 images of dummy unit d

There have been more leaks and rumors about the HTC One A9 (aka HTC Aero) than we care to remember. The most recent appear to peg it as a mid-range handset and it’s expected to be formally unveiled at an October 20th event. Now some new leaked HTC One A9 images of a dummy unit […]

HTC goes Pink with the HTC One M9 for Breast Cancer

HTC One M9 Pink

If you’ve turned on a TV or browsed the web in the past week, you may have seen a lot of pink. HTC is getting in on the action with the HTC One M9 Pink Edition, which will only be available to purchase through the end of this month.