New HTC Tablet rumored to arrive later this year

HTC logo

We were spoiled with all the smartphone leaks that have come from Twitter over the years, and while they have slowed down somewhat, leaker @upleaks still drops a juicy smartphone rumors from time to time. This time it’s another HTC leak, but it doesn’t involve the One M9 as it appears HTC has a new slate in the works.

HTC Desire 626 release gives price indicator

HTC Desire 626 release gives price indicator

There have been leaks about the HTC Desire 626 over the last few weeks and the phone has now been made official. This smartphone has just launched for Taiwan so the specs are finally confirmed. Also the HTC Desire 626 release there gives us a price indicator for elsewhere. When we first heard about the […]

HTC One M9 Dot View Case leaks new M9 design again

HTC One M9 Dot View Case

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear of a new HTC One M9 rumor, and we’ve already touched on one earlier today. Well, get ready for another one. A new HTC One M9 case has appeared online, and it seemingly confirms part of the design… again.

Samsung Galaxy A5 vs HTC Desire 820 specs shootout

Samsung Galaxy A5 vs HTC Desire 820

The HTC Desire 820 released in November last year while the Samsung Galaxy A5 followed the next month. They are both grabbing their fair share of attention and some buyers will be trying to choose between them. With this in mind we have a Samsung Galaxy A5 vs. HTC Desire 820 specs shootout, so that […]

HTC One M9 Otterbox case accessories hit the scene

HTC One M9 Otterbox cases

The HTC One M9 is nearing an official unveiling, set to take place at an event on March 1st. As usual the closer we get to a big device reveal, the more leaks and news we hear. Now some HTC One M9 Otterbox cases have hit the scene. Read on for details and also price. […]

HTC Desire 626 shows up in certification, specs confirmed

HTC Desire 626 certification

It’s widely anticipated that the flagship HTC One M9 will be made official at a pre-MWC event on March 1st. Other smartphones could also be revealed by the company, and two weeks ago we heard of a leak for an upcoming HTC smartphone called the Desire 826. This included some purported images and also specs […]

HTC One M9 camera specs from insider source

HTC One M9 camera specs

The upcoming HTC One M9 is the subject of plenty of rumors and speculation right now, and over the last few months there have been numerous specs leaks about the smartphone. What many potential buyers will be interested in is the camera-set up of the phone, which has been less mentioned so far. Now HTC […]

New HTC Desire phone leaks with top-flight specs: UPDATED

New HTC Desire phone leaks

Last month HTC officially announced the HTC Desire 826 and at the moment most of the attention is on the One M9 flagship smartphone. It’s thought that this will be formally unveiled at MWC in early march, and now we’re hearing of another device that’s tipped to be announced at around the same time. This […]

HTC Desire 826 price indicators emerge

HTC Desire 826 price indicators

The HTC Desire 826 was made official earlier this month, but at that time there was no news on pricing. Today though we have some info about HTC Desire 826 price indicators, as the device has now appeared on HTC China with the price for that country. This gives us an estimation of prices for […]

HTC One M8i mid-ranger rumor puzzle

HTC One M8i leak

The HTC One M8 has been a massively popular flagship device, but much of the attention right now is on the upcoming HTC One M9. It’s anticipated that this could be officially unveiled at a pre-MWC 2015 event on March 1st, so we were surprised to hear of a possible new variant of the One […]