HTC EVO 3D custom 4.1.2 Jelly Bean PACman ROM


We always like to bring readers news about the latest operating system updates and many of you have devices that are now updating to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However some devices haven’t received or won’t be receiving the update and this is where custom ROMS come into play. Owners of the HTC EVO 3D may […]

HTC One SV is not a Nexus 4 threat

HTC One SV not a Nexus 4 threat

The Nexus 4 as we all know is out of stock again and everyone has to sit back and wait patiently for more to arrive, but one question that sticks out in our minds is “Are consumers get impatient waiting for the Nexus 4?” There is a new kid on the block and we here […]

HTC One SV heading for the UK on EE

HTC One SV heading for the UK on EE

For those Android faithful over here in the United Kingdom that love HTC made devices there is a new Android Ice Cream Sandwich sporting smartphone coming from the HTC camp that is destined to play nice on EE in the UK and that smartphone is the HTC One SV, which is said to land on […]

Forget HTC One S Android 4.0.4 update, Jelly Bean required


We always try to let readers know about new operating system updates for their phones and tablets and although recently we’ve reported more on the latest Jelly Bean updates we shouldn’t forget that some people still haven’t had a taste of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Today there’s some news for owners of the HTC One […]

HTC device information leak for Jelly Bean updates


We try our best to let readers know about the latest operating system updates for their various smartphones and tablets and it seems that an HTC list of devices that will be treated to Android Jelly Bean has just been disclosed. Although this is leaked information the original source has often given credible leaked details […]

HTC M7 vs HTC Butterfly in 5-inch preferential treatment


It’s time for one of our regular comparisons of two smartphones of the moment and today it’s the turn of the HTC M7 and the HTC Butterfly. Both are Android phones and both of these also fit the trend for larger-screened smartphones with whopping 5-inch displays. The HTC Butterfly is now official but the HTC […]

HTC Butterfly up for UK pre-order

HTC Butterfly up for UK pre-order

The other day we reported that the HTC J Butterfly would arrive on KDDI in Japan as of the 9th of December, and followed on with a report that for the global release of the Android smartphone the name would lose the ‘J’, and that the Butterfly would be seeing release around the world in […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC M7 on Speculated Judgements


The world of smartphones is incredibly fast-moving and we are already looking ahead to smartphones expected to arrive next year. Just yesterday we learned of a new HTC flagship device dubbed the HTC M7 and from what we know so far one of its natural contenders will be the Samsung Galaxy S4. Obviously we don’t […]

HTC J Butterfly for KDDI customers in Japan Dec 9

HTC J Butterfly for KDDI customers in Japan Dec 9

If you happen to reside in Japan, and have been awaiting the release of the HTC J Buttery smartphone on KDDI, you just might like to know that your wait for the Android smartphone is almost over, as KDDI will put the Japanese variant of the HTC Droid DNA up for sale as of this […]

HTC M7 monster 5-inch HD super-spec smartphone

HTC M7 monster 5-inch HD super-spec smartphone

It seems that in the smartphone space, your latest handset simply has to have a bigger screen, as it appears long gone are the days when a flagship handset comes sporting a screen lower than 5-inches, and it appears that HTC is keeping in line with that 5-inch size. Firstly with the HTC Droid DNA, […]