AT&T still certifying Jelly Bean for HTC One X

AT&T still certifying Jelly Bean for HTC One X

There is often new versions of the Android firmware released by handset manufacturers that take a while to reach all end users, and that is certainly the case for HTC One X owners that are also customers of US carrier AT&T. The wait for the Jelly Bean update goes on as the carrier is still […]

HTC One to offer seamless switching from iPhone


We’ve not held back with our enthusiasm for the HTC One and think this is a highly desirable smartphone that could win many fans. Due to release in March in multiple regions and on multiple carriers we have now discovered another feature that the HTC One will have that will undoubtedly make it even more […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One, a question of timing


Two of the smash hit smartphones of this year are likely to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. The HTC One finally became official at an event last week while the Galaxy S4 (S IV) hasn’t yet been formally introduced and so specs on this are as yet unconfirmed. We wonder how […]

HTC One visual review roundup

HTC One visual review roundup

You can now pre-order the HTC One flagship smartphone from majority of online retailers, and so far to date this handset seems to be a winner with consumers. We will be giving the ultimate HTC One visual review roundup via videos that have been uploaded to YouTube, but let us talk a little about the […]

HTC 8X on Verizon, Windows Phone Portico update finally arriving


We try to keep readers in the know about software updates for their device and there’s good news today for HTC 8X Windows Phone owners on Verizon. It seems the Windows Phone Portico update is finally heading to your phone, indeed you may have received notification of it already if you’re one of the lucky […]

HTC One pricing and availability known so far

HTC One pricing and availability

It has now been two days since HTC revealed to the world its latest flagship smartphone, and now the dust is beginning to settle on the event we are looking at what is known so far on the HTC One pricing and availability. Shortly after the handset was announced the first pricing for the handset […]

Nexus 4 obliterated in benchmarks by HTC One


If you’re an Android smartphone enthusiast then you’ll already know about the incredibly successful Google Nexus 4 smartphone from LG, which has just been updated to Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. This has sold extremely well but would have achieved even bigger sales if supply had met demand. The HTC One newcomer was officially announced yesterday […]

HTC One case accessories, official style


So the HTC One superphone was finally officially unveiled yesterday and what a beauty it is. We had always suspected this was going to be a hugely impressive device and the specs and the styling of this phone did not disappoint us. Its release is coming in March and if you’ve already decided this is […]

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S3, high spec wrestle

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S3, high spec fight

The smartphone market is advancing at a rapid rate with technology improving all the time, with manufacturers working hard trying to come up with features and hardware to tempt consumers to their products. Today we are looking at the new kid on the block, the HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S3 in a high spec […]

HTC One availability & UK SIM free price

HTC One availability & cash back incentive

This year looks to be a really important one for HTC as it looks to address its recent failings in the smartphone world, and the company certainly looks to have turned the corner following the announcement earlier of the HTC One. We know have some news of the handsets availability and a UK SIM free […]