LG will have Bendable Displays next year, Foldable Displays coming in 2017

LG Display Roadmap

Samsung got folks attention with the Galaxy Note 4 Edge, and before that our interest was piqued by the Samsung Round and LG Flex. 2014 has been the year of the smartwatch and QHD display, but next year is shaping up to be the year of bendable displays according to LG’s display roadmap.

The LG KizON child tracking watch is gearing up for a European release

LG Kizon

Keeping track of your kids isn’t the easiest task, but the technology of today has made things a bit simpler. LG aims to up the ante with the LG KizON child tracking watch, and they have just revealed their plans for a European roll out.

LG G4 design features imagined specs

LG G4 design features imagined specs

Many people are fans of LG’s flagship line with the G3 being the latest rendition. It can be interesting to look ahead though at prospects for the future, and of course that means the LG G4 that will release next year. Today we have a new LG G4 design to show that also includes some […]

LG G Edge design offers something new

LG G Edge offers something new

We make no excuses for taking a look at concept phone designed from time to time as they can give us tantalizers of future possibilities. LG likes to be one of the innovators in the smartphone market and we have an LG G Edge design that offers something new to show today, that might fit […]

The LG G2 Light and LG L Prime surface online

LG G2 lite

LG hasn’t quite caught up to Samsung in the variants department, but they’re giving it a go by continually rolling out models based of previous smartphones. Today, two more have appeared online with the LG G2 Lite and LG L Prime.

LG Isai VL headed to Japan with VoLTE and 3GB of RAM

LG Isai VL

Remember that sleek LG Isai we showed you back in May? It was the one LG product that’s arguably better looking that their flagship, even if you couldn’t get it outside of Japan. We’re not sure how well that handset has done in the region, but LG already has a follow-up of sorts in the works with the LG Isai VL.

LG L45 Dual and F60 price listings for India and specs

LG L45 Dual and LG F60

At the beginning of this month we reported on the LG F60 LTE phone, which had just been announced. Now the phone, along with a cheaper handset, has appeared on the LG India website, so today we have details of the LG L45 Dual and LG F60 price listings for India, along with specs information. […]

LG F490 Ligra leak shows FHD display and Octa-Core SoC

LG F490L

LG has cranked out over a dozen handsets this year, and several take a page out of the LG G3’s design book. Well, you can add one more “variant” of sorts to that list as the LG F490L Ligra has just shown up in a product brochure online.

The LG AKA smartphone is a Kooky Concept device headed to South Korea


We see a lot of phone concepts, but most of them never make it to market. Project Ara is going to be an exception to the rule next year, but it isn’t the only unique device out there. The LG AKA smartphone is gearing up for a launch in South Korea, and it’s hands down one of the goofier gadgets we’ve seen.

Nexus 6 vs LG G3, benefits laid bare

Nexus 6 vs LG G3 c

The Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 was made official last week and will release next month. The smartphone will be running the new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system version and has a much larger display than previous Nexus handsets, putting it firmly in phablet territory. With this in mind we have a video to share that […]