LG G4 Stylus price for India, available soon

LG G4 Stylus price for India

There’s good news today for readers in India who have been waiting for the LG G4 Stylus. The phone was made official back in May and it’s a mid-range variant of the flagship LG G4 that features a stylus. At the time it was announced we hadn’t heard about pricing. However, we now have news […]

LG G4 gaming performance review

LG G4 gaming performance review

The LG G4 smartphone is currently releasing to more regions and is a top-flight device. If you’re an avid fan of mobile gaming you might want to take this aspect into account if you’re thinking of purchasing LG’s latest flagship. With that in mind we’re sharing an LG G4 gaming performance review. The LG G4 […]

LG Band Play announced with 2GB of RAM and 1-watt speaker

LG Band Play

You can see a major smartphone release coming a mile away, but the smaller ones sneak up on us. That’s the case with the LG Band Play, a new smartphone geared towards music lovers that’s just been announced for South Korea.

LG Nexus 2015 design double with specs

LG Nexus 2015 design

Over the last few weeks there have been an increasing amount of leaks suggesting two new Nexus 2015 smartphones, one from LG and another from Huawei. There have also been several Nexus 2015 renders giving us some tantalizers for the upcoming phone/s. Today we’re showing you an LG Nexus 2015 design double that also comes […]

LG G4 Pro claimed specs get leaked

LG G4 Pro claimed specs

Sometimes smartphone buyers can be caught in a dilemma when thinking of purchasing a new handset. The LG G4 flagship only recently arrived on the scene and is presently making its way into the hands of eager buyers. Now there’s some news about a new flagship thought to be called the LG G4 Pro, with […]

New Nexus 2015 leak for LG version 3D camera

New Nexus 2015 from LG

If you’re an Android enthusiast then you will probably have been following developments for the next Nexus devices. There are rumored to be two new Nexus 2015 smartphones on the way, and today we have details of a new leak for the LG version having a 3D camera. The other Nexus for 2015 is thought […]

LG G3 may miss out on Android 5.1 update

LG G3 may miss out on Android 5.1 update

If you have the LG G3 we have some news today that could interest you. If you’ve been hoping to receive the Android 5.1 Lollipop update that is currently rolling out for some other devices it looks as though you may be out of luck. It appears that the LG G3 could miss out on […]

LG G4 touchscreen problem noted by some users

LG G4 touchscreen issue

After waiting eagerly for a brand new device we all hope for a bug-free experience, especially with the pricier smartphones. Now only days after issues have been reported for the Sony Xperia Z4 it appears that there is an LG G4 touchscreen problem. This is being noted by some users of the flagship device. The […]

LG G Stylo now up for grabs from Sprint

LG G Stylo now available on Sprint

The LG G Stylo released in May and is already on sale in the US at T-Mobile. Now the LG G Stylo has also arrived on Sprint and MVNO subsidiary Boost Mobile, offering buyers more options on where to make their purchase. This handset is a more affordable alternative than the flagship LG G4 and […]

LG Disney Phone SD801 announced for Japan

LG Disney Phone

Samsung surprised a lot of folks by releasing the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edition, but they aren’t the only company with character devices. The LG SD801 is a new Disney phone that’s just been announced for Japan, and it’s bringing a lot of bling along for the ride.