LG G3 Prime scheduled to arrive in Korea on July 25

LG G3 Prime

“Prime” has been a word that’s been thrown around a lot this year in the smartphone world, and we’ve yet to see a company release one of the rumored powerhouses. That’s about to change as LG is gearing up to finally release the LG G3 Prime on July 25.

Virgin Mobile USA gets the LG Pulse, HTC Desire 816, ZTE Emblem and LG Unify

LG Pulse

Virgin Mobile isn’t a name that rings out as much as AT&T or Verizon in the states, but they are bolstering their smartphone lineup with four new Android devices according to a new leak that’s just hit the web.

LG G3 India launch gives price

LG G3 India launch gives price

The recently released LG G3 smartphone has been turning plenty of heads and is becoming available in markets across the world. This is a flagship Android device and now the LG G3 India launch has given the price for potential customers there. The LG G3 is a notably impressive handset with some top-notch specs and […]

LG G3 vs. Nexus 6 potential specs

lg nexus logo

At the moment, LG has produced the flagship to beat with the newly released LG G3. The Nexus 6 could give the handset a run for its money if it actually gets released this year. There are more rumors than solid information surrounding the mysterious device, but here’s how we think it will stack up against the LG G3 when it finally hits the streets.

LG introduces the LG G3 s and LG G3 Beat

LG G3 Beat

It’s the summer of the ‘mini’ and LG is the latest company to try their hand at a pint-sized version of their flagship. The company has just taken the wraps off one device with two names by announcing the LG G3 Beat for Asia and LG G3 s for Europe.

LG G Vista headed to Verizon on July 18

LG G Vista Verizon

The LG G3 is the big story this month as it starts its global rollout, but it’s not the only LG device set to launch. The LG G Vista is lurking in the background, and a new rumor has it scheduled to arrive this Friday on Big Red.

LG G3 release and pre-order details for AT&T

LG G3 pre-orders and release for AT&T

The LG G3 is a much talked about flagship smartphone with a release now rolling out to various regions. Today major US carrier AT&T has announced its LG G3 release and pre-order details as well as the price, so read on for further details. We’ve already seen leaked release dates of July 16th and July […]

LG G3 vs Sony Xperia Z2 review offers insight


2014 has already brought the Android platform some worthy new flagship smartphones that have gained a lot of interested from mobile users, and today we have a video review of the LG G3 vs. Sony Xperia Z2 that offers some insight. The LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z2 have both received many plaudits from owners […]

LG G3 Canada release date confirmed

LG G3 canada

The Android platform has been treated to a rather tasty new addition to the top end of the smartphone market recently in the form of the LG G3, and the handset is slowly making its way around the world as today we have news of a release date for Canada. It has been announced today […]

LG G4 envisioned for 2015


The impressive LG G3 is only just reaching consumers around the world and the handset has led many mobile users to consider a handset from the company for the first time away from the Nexus range, but today the LG G4 is envisioned for 2015. The smartphone market continues to move along at break neck […]