Asus Zenfone 5 vs. Moto G and Nexus 5

Asus Zenfone 5 vs Moto G and Nexus 5

The Motorola Moto G and LG-made Google Nexus 5 both arrived on the smartphone market last year and have been hugely popular. The Asus Zenfone 5 is a much more recent release that is currently attracting plenty of attention in various world markets. Today we’re looking at the Asus Zenfone 5 vs. Moto G and […]

Nexus 5 vs OnePlus One, not clear cut

Nexus 5 vs OnePlus One

The Nexus 5 has been a smash hit for Google and its maker LG since it arrived on the scene last year. On the other hand the OnePlus One smartphone has won admiration from Android enthusiasts, but has been difficult to get hold of. If you’re wondering which would be your best option then today […]

LG Optimus G Android 4.4 update spreads to more users

LG Optimus G Android 4.4. update spreads

At Phones Review we like to follow operating system upgrades and have been tracking the reach of the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the LG Optimus G. If you’re one of the many owners of this device that still have not received KitKat then we have promising news, as the LG Optimus G Android 4.4 […]

LG Tick One Tizen phone inspired by Nexus 5 and G3

LG Tick One concept

While the Android and iOS operating platform dominate the smartphone market it’s always good to see new innovation in this field. One such newcomer is the Tizen mobile operating system, which is being supported by big player Samsung. Another major manufacturer is LG, and today we want to show you the LG Tick One Tizen […]

The LG G Vista arrives Tomorrow on Verizon for $99

LG G Vista

We talked about the LG G Vista last week, and went over its specs along with a rumored release date. That date has come and gone, and now we’ve gotten a look at the real deal. The LG G Vista is exactly what we thought it would be, and it’s headed to Verizon on July 31st.

New LG G3 color options to release in August

New LG G3 color options

The LG G3 flagship smartphone is a recent arrival to the market and so far has been available in three different colors. When it was announced though there were five color choices shown, and now we have news on this. New LG G3 color options will release in August so read on for more. Currently […]

LG announces the Android Tab Book 11TA740

LG Tab Book Android

As the Android platform expands, we’re starting to see some interesting hybrids, and LG has just announced an intriguing one with the Tab Book 11TA740. It is not your typical netbook.

LG G3 reviews on gaming and camera

LG G3 reviews on gaming and camera

The LG G3 smartphone is currently turning a lot of heads and could be a phone that many readers are considering purchasing. We’ve already shown readers a video review giving an overall idea of the phone, but some phone users are particularly interested in the camera capabilities of a new device or the gaming experience. […]

LG G3 in Verizon trial for bloatware removal

LG G3 in trial for Verizon bloatware removal

There’s some interesting news today for Verizon customers, especially those averse to the usual carrier bloatware that comes with many smartphones on offer. The LG G3 is now in a Verizon trial for bloatware removal, and if the new service is successful the option to uninstall apps is likely to be made available for other […]

Is the LG D635 the next Windows 8.1 smartphone from LG?

windows 8.1

LG has put out several Android tablets and slabs, but the company has been absent from the Windows side of things. That could soon change with the LG D635, a new smartphone that’s rumored to run Windows 8.1.