LG G4 release date date confirmed for South Korea

LG G4 stylus

The LG G4 is one of the last big flagships set to debut this year, and while we know it’s coming, many of the regional LG G4 release dates are still up in the air. As we get closer to launch, we expect more details to emerge, but today one piece of the puzzle was solved as the LG G4 release date for South Korea was officially announced.

HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z3, LG G3 benchmark speeds

HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 and more

The HTC One M9 flagship released in March to a waiting market, and following the success of the original HTC One and One M8 it’s likely to be a decent enough hit for the company. It can often be interesting to take a look and see how one popular smartphone compares to another in a […]

The LG G4 gets photographed with a new 64-bit processor

LG G4 Snapdragon 808

LG is one of the few major manufacturers that has yet to unveil their flagship for 2015, but we don’t have much longer to wait. That said, the leaks aren’t going to stop and a new one confirms a previous rumor regarding the LG G4 specs.

LG G4 official video teaser focuses on display

LG G4 official teaser video

It’s not too much longer now until April 28th when the LG G4 is expected to be revealed at an event. Following numerous leaks about the device there’s now an LG G4 official video teaser, although it doesn’t give too much away as it mainly focuses on the display of the smartphone. Just a few […]

LG Windows phone surfaces with Verizon branding

LG Windows Phone

Windows phones haven’t become nearly as popular as their iOS or Android counterparts, but more companies are starting to produce Windows-based handsets. Microsoft announced new hardware partners back in February of last year, and while things have been slow, we may be getting our first look at an LG Windows phone bound for Verizon.

LG G5 vision with specs before G4 arrives

LG G5 vision with specs

From time to time it can be interesting to see ideas for future flagship devices before they are even a twinkling in the eye of the actual manufacturers. These can offer some tantalizing teasers and prospects for what could come in the future. Today we’re showing a design for the LG G5 that includes specs, […]

LG G3 on 5.0 Lollipop vs LG G2 on 5.0.2, comparison and bootup

LG G3 Android 5.0 vs LG G2 Android 5.0.2

LG was one of the first big name manufacturers to start pushing out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its devices. It began rolling out 5.0 Lollipop to the LG G3 for some regions in November last year, and then in February this year it started to arrive for the LG G2. It’s often interesting […]

LG G4 official images and specs spill before launch

LG G4 official images c

Many eager smartphone buyers are waiting for the big unveiling of the LG G4 later this month. There have been plenty of rumors and leaks about the upcoming flagship already and now we know more than ever, as numerous LG G4 official images and some specs have been spilled before the launch. They came to […]

LG Display announces new 5.5-inch Panel for the LG G4

LG Display LG G4

LG made an announcement yesterday, and while it wasn’t the LG G4 we had all been waiting on, it does have something to do with that device. LG Display unveiled a brand new panel for smartphones, and it’s going to be used in the LG G4 release which is expected to arrive at month’s end.

New LG G4 images show it in case accessories

LG G4 images in cases b

There are plenty of smartphone buyers waiting for this year’s LG flagship in the form of the LG G4. There has been a host of leaks about the device already, so we have some idea of what to expect in the way of specs and design. Now we can show you some new LG G4 […]