Micromax Yu Yureka vs Moto G specs and price battle

Micromax Yu Yureka vs Moto G b

The Micromax Yu Yureka recently launched in India in a blaze of publicity and is generating a lot of interest right now. It has competitive pricing for the specs on offer and will appeal to many buyers. On the other hand the Motorola Moto G 2nd gen released in September and has been exceedingly popular […]

Nexus 6 current availability at Motorola online

Nexus 6 availability online b

The Google Nexus 6 released in November on the Google Play Store, and various carriers have also been offering the phone. It’s been pretty hard to get hold of so far though, with low inventory and the cursed ‘out of stock’ message showing for many potential buyers. Today we have details of Nexus 6 current […]

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 vs Nexus 6 speed test is close

iPhone 6 vs galaxy note 4 vs nexus 6 speed

Three of the most popular devices of the year that have all arrived in the last few months are the Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Google Nexus 6. These are all impressive devices and it’s always interesting to see how top-flight smartphones compare against each other in different respects. Today we have […]

Moto X 2nd gen 16GB price drop for India as 32GB arrives

Moto X price drop

The Motorola Moto X (2014) 16GB version launched in September and has been an extremely popular smartphone in India. However, buyers didn’t get the choice of purchasing the 32GB model straight away, and some have been waiting for it to arrive for sale. That wait is over and there’s also more good news, with a […]

Moto G 2nd gen vs Samsung Galaxy Core Prime India showdown

Moto G 2nd gen vs Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Buyers in the smartphone market in India are spoilt for choice right now for reasonably priced handsets. Two recent additions are the Motorola Moto G (2014) and the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, and although the Moto G is the more expensive of the two, there’s not too much in it. They may be on many […]

Nexus 6 benchmark tests and results compared

Nexus 6 benchmarks

The new Google Nexus handset is always one of the most anticipated arrivals of the year, and the Motorola-made Nexus 6 recently released. This is a whopper of a handset with top-end specs and a price to match, and as a Nexus device it benefits from a stock Android experience as well as speedy future […]

Galaxy S5 vs Note 4 vs Nexus 6 in popularity clash

Galaxy S5 vs Note 4 vs Nexus 6 b

If you haven’t quite got round to purchasing a new Android flagship but are intending to over the coming weeks, three likely contenders will be the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 or the Google Nexus 6 from Motorola. All of these vie for recognition at the top end of the market and it […]

Nexus 6 vs OnePlus One, winner worth extra

Nexus 6 vs OnePlus One

The march for larger handsets is still gaining ground and there’s plenty to choose from in the phablet sector. The Google Nexus 6 has only just arrived on the market and its release is still rolling out to various regions. On the other hand the OnePlus One was dubbed a flagship killer’ when it released […]

Nexus 6 on US Cellular comes with a good price

Nexus 6 US Cellular b

The Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 is the latest device to arrive in the popular Nexus line. The smartphone has stepped up in size this time around and also has a higher price tag to match with it being a top-end handset. As well as Google Play the Nexus 6 has also appeared for sale on […]

Nexus 6 review choices and verdicts

Nexus 6 review choice

The Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 is one of the handset arrivals of the year, and it offers Android device enthusiasts a great set of specs. This year the new Nexus smartphone has stepped firmly up to phablet size and as well as a larger display it has a higher price to match. If you’re still […]