Motorola & Palm to get 10.1 Flash Support


Although Apple doesn’t seem to see the need to add support for Adobe Systems’ Flash multimedia software to a smartphone, that is not the opinion of others. Some major manufacturers do, and they are now looking to release the required software updates very soon. Palm and Motorola are among the handset makers that are pretty […]

Taking on the iPhone new Android device for Motorola


Motorola Inc the biggest US mobile phone maker has added another device to it’s lineup based on Google Inc’s Android software with the intention of finding a product that would hit rivals Apple’s iPhone. The device is called the BackFlip and has a flip out QWERTY keyboard and also a touchpad on the back of […]

AT&T to offer Google Android Phones

AT&T to offer Google Android Phones

Apparently as AT&T is soon to lose their exclusivity over the iPhone they are stepping into the Android arena by offering Android handsets and Palm handsets as well reports an article on the WSJ. The iconic iPhone accounted for 28 percent of AT&T’s new customer additions over the first 9 months of 2009 and AT&T […]

Video: Motorola Backflip receives hands-on treatment

Video: Motorola Backflip receives hands-on treatment

Motorola has shown off their rather strange Motorola Backflip handset and the guys over at engadget managed to grab a little hands-on playtime with the new device from Motorola, which they say they are not quite sure what to make of the handset. When the Motorola Backflip is in its closed position it resembles the […]

Android 2.1 dead cert for Magic Milestone and Hero


Andy Rubin caused a little of a commotion at last night’s Nexus One conference. When he quite clearly announced that everyone will be getting Android 2.1 when it is open source. This is likely to be in the next few days. It is like music to your ears of Android early adopters everywhere but having […]

Large 4.3 inch display for Motorola’s Android smartphone Shadow


Motorola as we heard last week are supposedly working on an Android smartphone that will sport a huge no actually massive 4.3 inch WVGA+ touchscreen. To give you a little idea and to put that size into perspective the iPhone 3GS has a 3.5 inch display while the Motorola smartphone the Milestone features a 3.7 […]

Motorola Droid Battery Covers Free from Verizon

Motorola Droid Battery Covers Free from Verizon

Many Motorola Droid owners have been experiencing problems with loose battery covers on their Droid handset, a problem which can be annoying at best, but it would appear Verizon Wireless is at least trying to solve the issue. According to an article over on ubergizmo, Verizon Wireless is offering a free replacement battery cover for […]

Video: Droid Does Multitouch via hack

Video: Droid Does Multitouch via hack

As you may be aware, the Motorola Droid doesn’t support multitouch functionality, well let’s say it didn’t, but apparently now does via way of a software hack as the guys over at alldroid have managed to port the multitouch web browser from the Motorola Milestone over to the Verizon Wireless Droid. You will be required […]

Spotted in Silver Motorola’s Droid Devour


The Motorola Devour which is apparently going to be knows as the Droid Devour has been spotted today with not only a new colour silver but also an insight into the way it works. Prior to today this has only been seen in one colour Black and now there is the option of silver in […]

Android phone with 4.3 inch display for Motorola?


Speculation is high again and this time it surrounds Motorola and that they are currently in the process of working on a mobile handset which is said to have one of the largest displays ever seen on a smartphone. Currently the phone is going by the code name of Shadow and is said to be […]