Moto 360 sequel leaks with large posts and flat tire

moto 360 sequel

It’s becoming common to see a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch get leaked through official channels before they launch. The Moto 360 sequel may have just joined the club thanks to a tweet sent out from Motorola this evening. If it’s legit, people are going to be irate…

Moto X Play first thoughts with hands-on look

Moto X Play first thoughts b

Motorola recently announced new versions of its Moto X and Moto G lines, and the new Moto X 2015 phone has some different options. The slightly lesser-specced model is dubbed the Moto X Play while the superior version is the Moto X Style aka Moto X Pure Edition. The Play variant is set to release […]

Moto X Style vs iPhone 6 Plus, best bits

Moto X Style vs iPhone 6 Plus b

The Motorola Moto X Style (aka Moto X Pure) was recently made official as the company’s latest flagship smartphone and is expected to release next month. With a large 5.7-inch display one of its rivals will be the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, although the new Motorola phone is notably cheaper. With this in mind we […]

Moto G 3rd gen vs Lenovo K3 Note price and specs war

Moto G 3rd gen vs Lenovo K3 Note b

The much-awaited Moto G 3rd gen was recently unveiled and released. This is an affordable smartphone likely to be a hit in many different markets, and one of its contenders will be the popular Lenovo K3 Note that launched earlier in the year. They are in a similar price bracket although the Lenovo phone is […]

Nexus 6 cheaper price refurbished units in India

Nexus 6 cheaper price refurb units

The high price of the Google Nexus 6 may have made many buyers think twice about buying this phone. Sometimes it can be wise to wait a while and see prices come down and that has already happened with the Nexus 6. However, if you don’t mind purchasing a refurbished handset you will now be […]

Moto G 3rd gen review on gaming plus benchmarks

Moto G 3rd gen review on gaming

The new Moto G was recently unveiled and released, and it’s likely to continue the massive success of previous versions of the smartphone. This handset will have plenty of appeal for the budget end of the market and many people will be thinking of purchasing the third-generation Moto G. If you’re one of them you […]

Moto Maker options leak before Moto X Pure Edition release

motomaker moto X Style

The Moto X Pure Edition release is creeping closer and while we still don’t have a specific date, we do have new details. The Moto Maker options for the Moto X Pure Edition have been leaked, and consumers will have plenty of options to choose from at launch.

Moto X Style and Moto X Pure announced as the new Moto X 2015

moto X pure 2015

Motorola has decided to switch a few things up this year, and it’s left many of us playing the name game. The Moto X Style and Moto X Pure Edition have been unveiled today, and while they are the same handset, they are bound for different locales as the follow-up to last year’s Moto X 2014.

Moto X Play announced with Snapdragon 615 and huge battery

Moto X Play

Motorola has unleashed three new handsets today, and we’ve already given you the scoop on the Moto G 2015 edition. The Moto X Play is the company’s new lower-powered version of the Moto X, and it’s made to find the sweet spot between the budget-friendly Moto G and the high-powered Moto X Style.

Moto G 2015 edition release arrives, pricing starts at $179

Moto G 2015

Last night, we went Motel 6 and kept the lights on to let you know about the OnePlus 2 release. Today, it’s Motorola’s turn, and we’re going to start with the Moto G 2015 edition…