NEC Medias X 06E water-cooled smartphone is truly innovative


We always like to bring readers news on innovative devices and today we have some details on the NEC Medias X 06E Android smartphone. If you’re wondering why we view this as innovative it’s because it is a water-cooled phone, something that we’ve never seen before. The phone also has a graphite sheet that also […]

NEC Terrain Android in the works for AT&T, image leaks


If you’re a customer on AT&T then you may be interested in this next item about a new Android smartphone said to be headed to the major carrier. Although we cannot tell you much about the specs of the NEC Terrain yet, an image has been leaked and from the photo and also the name […]

Android Gingerbread MEDIAS N06C Specs Revealed

Android Gingerbread MEDIAS N06C Specs Revealed

The word is that NEC are gearing up to deliver a new waterproof smartphone, which resembles their earlier NEC MEDIAS N04C but now adds some extras including the latest Android operating system from the Google guys. According to an article over on Engadget by way of Datacider, the NEC MIDIAS N06C will be a tad […]

3 Android NEC Tablets Shown at MWC 2011: Video

3 Android NEC Tablets Shown at MWC 2011: Video

More Android tablets I hear you groan, yes well these particular Android tablets from NEC are destined for Japan, but apparently NEC is looking to gain popularity with these three Android tablets with a view to delivering them to Europe and the US at some stage. According to an article over on Phandroid there is […]

Motorola ROKR E8 or Nokia 5310 XpressMusic: could you choose?


Maybe not one of the giants of the mobile phone world, and well it is the smallest of the major mobile carriers, but in the past few months T-Mobile has introduced two music mobile phones that have won the praises of First from T-Mobile is the Motorola ROKR E8 which offers an innovative “ModeShift” […]

Konami games for NGage: Metal Gear Solid Mobile Coming first

Konami, games, NGage and Metal Gear Solid, mix that all up and you have something really good. Oh yes for all you mobile phone gamers you will be happy to know that Konami’s games are coming to the NGage and it is said via a Nokia Press Release (Shown Below) that the awesome game Metal […]

NEC 338 Mobile Phone does not impress

NEC 338 Mobile Phone does not impress. We love this bit, seeing as there are not a lot of NEC mobile phones in the categories on the right we thought we should add some seeing as people have been searching for them. Now the fun part, this phone from NEC is impressively small and lightweight […]

NEC 411i Mobile

NEW – This is the latest addition to NEC, the picture quality is not the best by any means but still does the job with its not so bad high resolution screen of 176×220. The NEC 411i is quite light and easy to use, the web browser thou I would