Nokia Lumia 830 cheaper alternative touted as RM-1072

Nokia Lumia 830 alternative

The Nokia Lumia 830 released in September last year and is a mid-range smartphone with some decent specs. Its price will still be beyond some buyers though, but there’s a snippet of news today that may interest potential customers. A Nokia Lumia 830 cheaper alternative is being touted as the RM-1072. Alan Mendelevich is a […]

Nokia Embrace curved phone with 41MP camera specs

Nokia Embrace curved phone

We sometimes like to show readers new concept designs, and many of these are based on future flagship devices. Today we have a new render to share that is of a rather unusual handset. Step forward the Nokia Embrace curved phone with 41MP camera specs and some very interesting features. The Nokia Embrace users a […]

Lumia 535 vs Lumia 530, budget decides

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Nokia Lumia 530

As well as high-end smartphones there are also plenty available for the budget sector of the market. Two of these that have released in various world regions and have been very successful so far are the Microsoft Lumia 535 and Nokia Lumia 530. Today we’re sharing a video comparison of the Lumia 535 vs. Lumia […]

Microsoft Lumia 532 vs Nokia Lumia 530 specs and price

Microsoft Lumia 532 vs Nokia Lumia 530

Budget Lumia smartphones are popular in many parts of the world, and Microsoft has just officially introduced the Lumia 532, which will release to various regions in the next few weeks. A natural comparison to this is the Lumia 530, which had Nokia branding and released in August year. If you’re wondering how they compare, […]

The Nokia N1 tablet arrives in China for $260

Nokia N1 tablet

Nokia was supposed to drop a new tablet today, and they’ve done just that. If you’ve been longing for Nokia’s new slab and happen to live in China… we envy you as the Nokia N1 tablet is now on sale for $257.

Microsoft Lumia 840 design with specs and nostalgia

Microsoft Lumia 840 design

The Lumia 535 that released in December was the first Microsoft Lumia-branded phone to hit the shelves. As yet it hasn’t been joined by any further handsets from the company, although the Lumia 1330 is tipped for an official unveiling soon. While we’re waiting we thought readers might be interested in this Microsoft Lumia 840 […]

Nokia N1 tablet set to launch in China January 7 for $249

Nokia N1 tablet b

It’s been a while since we took a look at the upcoming Nokia N1 tablet. Since that time, we’ve gotten wind of a Nokia C1 smartphone, and today we got a bit more info on the Nokia N1 release date. You might want to hold onto any cash you get in Christmas cards for a few weeks…

Nokia C1 smartphone echoes N1 tablet

Nokia C1 smartphone

When Nokia announced its upcoming N1 tablet in November the company took many by surprise. This followed the demise of Nokia Lumia smartphone branding in favour of Microsoft, so it was good to hear that the Nokia N1 tablet will release in Q1 next year. This has led some to wonder about further Nokia devices, […]

Nokia Lumia 638 LTE price from India launch

Nokia Lumia 638 India

The Nokia Lumia 638 is a smartphone that was made official back in June. The phone originally released in China and at that time it wasn’t clear if it would arrive for other regions. The phone is now releasing to the Indian market, and we have the Nokia Lumia 638 LTE price from the India […]

Nokia Lumia 735 review on value for money phone

Nokia Lumia 735 review

There are plenty of decent smartphones for the more affordable end of the market and Nokia recently released the Lumia 735. The 735 is the same specs-wise as the Nokia Lumia 730 except that it has 4G LTE connectivity as a bonus, but on the other hand isn’t a dual SIM handset. Today we have […]