Breaking O2 News Update July 10: Apple iPhone 3G Stock is Limited, Pathetic

iphone 3g o2

We have the latest news via the O2 UK online store and it seems to be more bad news than good, the interest in the Apple iPhone 3G is astonishing and it seems they cannot cope with such high demands. This is what O2 had to say. They are thanking customers for their interest in […]

O2 attacked for misleading customers over iPhone 3G PAYG


O2 are going through the mill at the moment when it comes to customer satisfaction, well the latest news sees them under attack yet again. O2 were slammed by customers for their website failure when it came to pre-ordering the iPhone 3G and resulting in us having to come back on July 10th for more […]

Official O2 Confirmation: Existing iPhone customers can upgrade to 3G in-store

We here at Phones Review made a few phone calls to some O2 Stores and were told that you “Cannot” upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 3G if you are an existing customer. We were told that only NEW customers can upgrade, a few of us here at Phones Review after the phone calls to […]

O2 iPhone 3G Shortage Confirmation: Stores will only have a few dozen, disappointments

O2 has confirmed Apple iPhone 3G shortages and that stores will only have a few dozen in stock, now if this is the case we can see many customers being pretty peed off, me included. Yes it has been revealed that stores will only have a few dozen handsets in store as its revealed site […]

Phones Review will be at the O2 Farnborough, Hampshire Store on Friday

I will be at the O2 Farnborough, Hampshire Store on Friday to pick up my Apple iPhone 3G, be good to see how busy the store will be and even better to see if O2 staff is coping with the high-demand. When I get back I will be publishing how I got on and what […]

O2 Crashes: Pre-order high demand leaves iPhone 3G out of stock

The high demand for the Apple iPhone 3G has left O2 a little short; it has outstripped supply and O2. The exclusive UK Mobile phone partner (O2) said that they have run out of stock which you can clearly see on their website. Customers who want to pre-order the iPhone 3G before it goes on […]

iPhone 3G PAYG coming later this year: Pay & Go not yet available

O2 wish to keep you all happy when it comes to the all new Apple iPhone 3G and yes they are trying their best. The interest levels are soaring with many people signing to register their interests, the day is near and that day is July 11. Many of you on O2 are already receiving […]

O2 Apple iPhone 3G Upgrade Problems, online shop unavailable

iphone upgrade unavailble

Following on from our news we reported earlier titled “Breaking O2 News: Upgrade to New iPhone 3G Online Today for Free” (See Here), we have to report the problems we have had upgrading. As we said earlier about receiving a text message from O2 reporting that we could upgrade early, prompted us to fill out […]

Cycle your way to power your mobile phone with O2


They are called mobile phones because they are mobile, right? So what can be more mobile they say…having your bicycle charge your mobile phone as you cycle? Cool idea for all the cycling enthusiasts out there. Harnessing all they peddle power into your mobile phone does sound like a neat idea. Well some ingenious people […]

O2 PAYG iPhone 3G pricing website slip-up error, oops

People should be so careful when it comes to things being secret, well O2 slipped up big time. We revealed today about the O2 PAYG iPhone 3G pricing which we say is definitely all true and correct, but O2 did not want us knowing these pricings yet, oops. This is definitely an O2 PAYG iPhone […]