O2 UK 4G LTE 800MHz yes, 900MHz unappealing

o2 lte

Much has been made recently about the lack of a 4G LTE mobile service for UK consumers, which hit the headlines again recently following regulator Ofcom’s decision to allow carrier Everything Everywhere to use some of its spectrum to launch a 4G service. Meanwhile rival carrier O2 is looking at the 800MHz spectrum but finds […]

iPhone 5 LTE UK, O2 and Vodafone miss the boat


Full Apple iPhone 5 details are finally out and we’ve been bringing readers plenty of information and news about the latest iPhone iteration. One of the longest-standing expectations for the iPhone 5 was that of 4G LTE connectivity and sure enough the new iPhone was unveiled LTE-equipped. If you’re in the U.K. you may be […]

Sony Xperia T O2 UK exclusive 007 Bond phone

O2 Xpeiria T

Many new smartphones look very similar to each other and quite often only have a couple of different colour choices open to consumers, but sometimes certain carriers may have an exclusive design for a handset that can be celebrating a big event or an upcoming movie. Today we can tell you that UK carrier O2 […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 getting O2 and 3 UK loving

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 getting O2 and 3 UK loving

A few days ago we reported that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would be arriving in Europe at some point before our cousins over in the USA see the successor to the Galaxy Note, which isn’t unusual because the same thing happened with the original Samsung Galaxy Note, with the US gaining the device […]

O2 UK Sony Xperia Ray, Neo & Arc denied Android ICS

O2 UK Sony Xperia Ray, Neo & Arc denied Android ICS

Some bad news for those that own the Sony Xperia Ray, Neo and Arc smartphones, O2 UK has denied owners of these handsets Android ICS 4.0. This means that you will have to continue using Android Gingerbread instead of Ice Cream Sandwich, testing did go ahead but did not meet the requirements for the phones […]

Xperia Tipo hitting O2 & Orange UK in August

Xperia Tipo hitting O2 & Orange UK in August

If you are over in here in the United Kingdom, and are a fan of Xperia smartphone, and looking for a new Xperia device, you might like to learn that the word is the new Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone is scheduled to release in the United Kingdom on both O2 UK and Orange UK. According […]

O2 network down time prompts 10 percent off freebie

O2 network down time prompts 10 percent off freebie

Last week many O2 UK customers experienced loss of network for a while, the network down time was fixed in the end and now O2 are offering its customers something in return for their loss of service. The coverage disruption was a complete nightmare for many customers, we also got the blunt end of no […]

Customers leaving after O2 down time & fake security update


It seems that the recent major outage in the UK on the O2 network may have big repercussions for the company as unhappy customers are set to leave after the down time. We have news on that for you today as well as a caution about a fake security update also concerning O2. The outage […]

O2 network service down prompts complaints page


We do not like to report too much of the same news in one single day, but with the O2 network service down for customers we decided to give you a round-up on what’s happening as well as start our very own complaints page. With thousands of customers affected by the outage it would be […]

A possible fix to get O2 UK network service again: Update

A possible fix to get O2 UK network again

Today we reported that the O2 UK network is down for thousands of customers, but we would like to bring it to your attention for those suffering the network loss a solution. We may have found a possible fix to get O2 UK network again, it seems to work for some after we tested it. […]