Orange secure Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android Phone Exclusivity

Orange secure Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android Phone Exclusivity

Orange has announced they will hold exclusivity over the Android operating system packing Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 smartphone and will be available in all Orange channels as of early April and will be offered as a free handset on select pay monthly plans. The Orange Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 smartphone will be exclusive to Orange […]

Video: 540 Apps Create iPhone App Alphabet

Video: 540 Apps Create iPhone App Alphabet

I’m not too sure what prompted this guy to create an English alphabet using 540 iPhone apps; I guess some people simply have too much spare time on their hands, and thus this guy set about colour organising 540 apps. I’m also not too sure what practical use it would be to have an iPhone […]

Get it now a Black HTC Desire from Amazon


We all know that the HTC Desire is available in both the Gray and of course the White but thanks to an article over at for giving details of one which has now been spotted in Black. Not only as the Black HTC Desire been spotted but it is apparently on sale right now […]

Increasingly popular smartphones expensive to use abroad


An article over at gives a warning that people going abroad with their smartphones can still be faced with huge bills if they connect to the internet, following a report from the consumers association Which? New rules are to come into force in the European Union which will cap bills for downloading date by […]

Video HTC HD2 unboxed early T Mobile


Well well what have we here then? Thanks to the guys over at for this one. Officially it should be going on sale next Wednesday that is the T Mobile’s Windows mobile Powered HTC HD2. However it seems some lucky person out there has managed to get their mitts on a unit before the […]

Java based handsets on Orange to get new mobile games


Orange the wireless carrier have recently launched a new mobile gaming service with HMV according to news over at The HMV mobile games which is going to be powered by Orange are about to become available for the carriers customers starting from as early as next week. The service will come to more that […]

A fancy purple Nokia E72 for the ladies


Some really great news for the lady Nokia fans out there as according to a report over on the Nokia E72 comes in Purple The Nokia E series has as we know been extremely popular across the board with the Nokia E72 being no exception. Sadly so far the available colours have not been […]

Video: BlackBerry Tour 9630 Case-Mate Hybrid Review

Video: BlackBerry Tour 9630 Case-Mate Hybrid Review

If you are the owner of a BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone you’ll obviously want to keep it protected, and one way is to use a protective case, and today we have a video review of the Case-Mate Hybrid case for the Blackberry Tour 9630 for your viewing pleasure. The Case-Mate Hybrid case consists of two […]

Charge iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and More with Idapt i4

Charge iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and More with Idapt i4

If you are a tech geek with numerous gadgets that need charging then Idapt may have the charger that you are looking for in their Idapt i4 charger which can charge up to four gadgets simultaneously reports an article over on wired. Apparently the Idapt i4 charging dock will charget just about any tech gadget […]

IPod touch GPS dock finally here Dual Electronics


Great news reported over on as the wait seems to now be over and about time too. It has definitely taken a lot longer than was at first anticipated but now its here the first major docking solution to transform your iPod touch into a navigation machine and it is now shipping directly from […]