Sony Xperia E4g Dual with LTE India launch gives price

Sony Xperia E4g Dual India

The Sony Xperia E4 launched for India in March and now it’s the turn of the Xperia E4g, a 4G LTE variant of the phone. The E4 is already proving pretty popular though some will have been waiting for this model with superior connectivity options. The Sony Xperia E4g Dual LTE launch for India has […]

The LG G4 gets photographed with a new 64-bit processor

LG G4 Snapdragon 808

LG is one of the few major manufacturers that has yet to unveil their flagship for 2015, but we don’t have much longer to wait. That said, the leaks aren’t going to stop and a new one confirms a previous rumor regarding the LG G4 specs.

New Sony Xperia Z4 renders surface

Sony Xperia Z4

The weekends are generally slow when it comes to smartphone news, but Friday has started off with a bang. We’ve touched on the rumored Xperia Z4 release several times over the past few months, and now we’ve gotten a doozy of a leak that gives us batch of new Sony Xperia Z4 renders to take in.

The Oppo R7 teases us again with its borderless display

Oppo R7

Last month, we showed you an upcoming handset from Oppo that was one of the more interesting looking devices we’ve seen. It’s called the Oppo R7, and it’s just popped up to say hello to the camera again.

Lumia 520, 525, and 526 bricking issues reported, updates temporarily stopped

microsoft logo

If you’re a smartphone fanatic, you probably long to get your hands on the latest update from your favorite OS. It’s always a good day whenever Apple, Android or Microsoft roll out a hefty new update… unless it bricks your handset. Apparently, that’s happened to some folks that own the Lumia 520, 525, and 526 and Microsoft has temporarily put a halt on the Windows 10 preview.

New Xiaomi Mi Note Black Edition announced for China

Xiaomi Mi Note Black Edition

Xiaomi, like many other smartphone manufacturers, will occasionally drop a limited edition handset. We saw a Bamboo version of the Mi Note appear last month, and now we’re getting word of another special smartphone with the Xiaomi Mi Note Black Edition.

The Lava Iris X1 Atom hits India for Rs. 4,444

lava iris X1 atom

Lava’s Iris lineup is growing, and the most recent member of its family was just announced for India. It’s called the Lava Iris X1 Atom, and it’s a sharp looking handset that won’t break the bank with a price tag of Rs. 4,444.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 6, specs and more outlined

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 6 b

A new Nexus phone always makes plenty of waves when it arrives and the Google Nexus 6 made by Motorola was no exception when it released late last year. Many Android device enthusiasts are torn between the Nexus handsets and the flagship Samsung Galaxy S line, and the new Galaxy S6 has just released to […]

Galaxy S6 Edge vs Note 4 camera comparison, speed test, 4K video sample

Galaxy S6 Edge vs Note 4 camera

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is making a big splash right now as it makes its way into the hands of eager buyers. It can be good to see how popular devices compare in particular aspects with other handsets. With this in mind we thought some readers would be interested in these Samsung Galaxy S6 […]

Xiaomi Mi4 India price slashes to challenge OnePlus One

Xiaomi Mi4 price slashes India

The Xiaomi Mi4 flagship has turned a lot of heads since its release and has been pretty popular in many regions including India. Now there’s some interesting news as there are new Xiaomi Mi4 price slashes for India to challenge the OnePlus One, another very popular smartphone. The price cuts for the 16 and 64GB […]