Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review choice and expert verdicts

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review choice b

Samsung recently released its new Galaxy Note phablet, and we thought it was time for a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review choice with expert verdicts. It’s a sound idea to check out a video review of a brand new device before making your purchase, and what could be better than one review… well two of […]

Cubot H1 sports a massive battery and low price tag

Cubot H1

If you long for smartphones that have big battery packs, you’ll appreciate Cubot’s latest handset. The Cubot H1 will soon be unleashed upon the world, and it’s bringing a 5,200mAh battery along to make sure you never run out of juice.

ARCHOS Diamond Plus price and availability announced for Europe

Archos Diamond Plus

Last week, ARCHOS revealed a couple of new devices from its Diamond lineup, and they’ve just added one more to the collection. The ARCHOS Diamond Plus price and availability has been announced for Europe and it looks to be a larger version of the ARCHOS Diamond S.

Gigaset ME, ME Pro and ME Pure announced with high-powered specs

Gigaset ME

A few days ago we told you about a new handset from Gigaset. Well, today the company unveiled it as the Gigaset ME, and dropped two additional smartphones with the Gigaset ME Pure and Gigaset ME Pro.

Cloud-based Nextbit phone hits Kickstarter as the Robin

nextbit phone

Looking for a smartphone that stands out from the crowd due to its design and features? The Nextbit phone has just arrived on Kickstarter as a cloud-based smartphone solution, and the Robin is well worth a look if dig living in the cloud.

Oukitel U7 price cut to $49 through limited sale

Oukitel U7

Each week we see a number of mobile deals from manufacturers big and small. The Oukitel U7 is the subject of today’s juicy deal, and it’s set to go on sale this Wednesday for only $49.99.

Gionee F103 has 2GB of RAM for India launch

Gionee F103 with 2GB of RAM

Gionee produces a steady flow of new smartphones and the Gionee F103 has now been launched for India. The international version of this phone has just 1GB of RAM but the Gionee F103 for India is sporting 2GB of RAM. We’ve got details coming right up on the specs and price of this Gionee handset. […]

Mysterious Meizu NIUX gets benchmarked with Exynos 7420

meizu logo

Another day, another benchmark listing. Today a device dubbed the Meizu NIUX has appeared through a new benchmark listing, and you might be surprised at the chip under the hood.

Karbonn Titanium S200 arrives in India for Rs. 4,999


We’ve covered several phones from Karbonn’s Titanium line, and you can now add one more to the list. The Karbonn Titanium S200 has landed for India, and it’s available as a Snapdeal exclusive for Rs. 4,999.

Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 on Note 5 ROM bootup speed test

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 on Note 5 ROM

Now here’s an interesting idea. Why not compare the bootup speed of a Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S6 on a Note 5 ROM? That’s just what we’re showing you today in some bootup testing involving two of Samsung’s flagship units side-by-side. This follows nicely on from another video we shared yesterday of a review […]