Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Y1 arrives in India with 20-inch 4K display

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Y1

Panasonic may not be the biggest name in the mobile world, but their Toughpad line is second to none. The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Y1 is the latest device to make its way to India, and has touched down with a hefty price tag of Rs. 2,40,000.

Panasonic Eluga Switch price at launch for reversible phone

Panasonic Eluga Switch price

Panasonic Eluga smartphones are pretty popular in India, and the company has just launched a new one in the lineup. The Panasonic Eluga Switch has an unusual feature to distinguish it from the pack, as it’s reversible and can adjust orientation so it can be used when upside down. Coming right up we have news […]

Panasonic unleashes the Eluga L2, Eluga I2 and Eluga T45


Panasonic is no stranger to the smartphone world, even if their handsets aren’t the most well-known. The company has unleashed three new devices bound for India from their Eluga line today with the Panasonic Eluga L2, Eluga I2 and the Eluga T45.

Panasonic Eluga Icon price confirmed at India launch

Panasonic Eluga Icon price confirmed

The Panasonic Eluga Icon price has just been confirmed at its India launch. The company produces smartphones for various sectors of the market and recently announced the budget Panasonic Love T10 at less than Rs. 4,000. The Eluga Icon steps up the specs and is a good-looking 4G LTE handset, and hence it has a […]

Panasonic Love T10 arrives in India for Rs. 3690

Panasonic Love T10

Panasonic doesn’t gear nearly the coverage of bigger brands like Sammy or Apple in the smartphone world, but they continually release a steady stream of devices. The Panasonic Love T10 has been announced for India as the latest device in their mobile lineup and it carries an affordable price tag for the region.

Panasonic T33 budget price phone launches

Panasonic T33 India launch

A Panasonic T33 budget price phone has just launched for India and we have details ahead of price, specs, and more. This comes hot-on-the-heels of other recent new Panasonic smartphones such as the P55 Novo and Eluga Z, although the T33 is the cheapest of these and has lower-end specs. However, it could still appeal […]

Panasonic P55 Novo vs Xolo Black

Panasonic P55 vs Xolo Black b

There’s a host of affordable smartphones available in India right now and two of the most recent to launch are the Panasonic P55 Novo and the Xolo Black. These are both likely to appeal to the same sector of the market, although the Panasonic phone is the cheaper of the two. With this mind we’re […]

Panasonic Eluga Z price and specs from launch

Panasonic Eluga Z price and specs

There are plenty of smartphone buyers in India who admire Panasonic handsets, and the company has just announced another device today. We have details ahead of the Panasonic Eluga Z price and specs from the launch. This is a good-looking phone that should appeal to plenty of consumers. Earlier this month we reported on the […]

Lenovo K3 Note vs Panasonic P55 Novo, better or cheaper

Lenovo K3 Note vs Panasonic P55 Novo

The Lenovo K3 Note has been much awaited in India where the first flash sale for it will be on July 8. It may have competition from the Panasonic P55 Novo that was launched last week with a similar price, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have comparative specs. Today we’re looking at the […]

Panasonic P55 Novo price in India at launch

Panasonic P55 Novo price in India at launch

A new Panasonic smartphone has been announced today, and we have details of the device including the Panasonic P55 Novo price in India from the launch. While many readers may have heard of the Panasonic P55 that released last year, the Panasonic P55 Novo has some nicely improved specs. We’ll begin with the Panasonic P55 […]