Xenium X530 Flip phone with long lasting battery

Xenium X530 Flip phone with long lasting battery

The latest from Philips is the Xenium X530 mobile phone with a flip form factor and manufactured by a Chinese company which bought Philips Electronics mobile division. Spec wise the Xenium X530 is tri-band GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900 MHz, 2.2 inch internal display and 1 inch OLED external display, a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, […]

Philips Xenium X520 can run on an AAA battery?

Philips Xenium X520 can run on an AAA battery?

Philips’ is quite a well known electrical brand although maybe not within the mobile phone arena, except for perhaps making good mobile phones with long-lasting battery life. There is now a new candy-bar mobile phone from Philips called the Xenium X520, and the thing about the Philips Xenium X520 is that it can use standard […]

Philips special edition Xenium 9@9q Dragon and Phoenix released

Philips special edition Xenium 9@9q Dragon and Phoenix released

Philips has released a new addition to their Xenium line up of mobile phones with the Special Edition Xenium 9@9q mobile phones. These two new mobile handsets, the Philips Xenium 9@9q Dragon and Philips Xenium Phoenix can it is claimed last up to one month in standby mode, both are highly polished clamshell handsets that […]

Philips Xenium X620 offers amazing 12 hours battery life

Philips Xenium X620 offers amazing 12 hours battery life

The Philips Xenium X620 mobile phone isn’t awesome at everything, and let’s face it not many mobile phones are, but the one thing the Philips Xenium X620 handset does offer that most don’t is excellent battery life. Although the Philips Xenium X620 only offers up a 2.4 inch QVGA display along with a lowly USB […]

Philips E100 low end and simple at $60


Almost on the heels of the Philips Xenium X500, Philips push out another low end mobile handset, this time it is the Philips E100, a budget minded mobile handset that won’t command too heavier a price tag. The Philips E100 brings simplicity back into the mobile world with a simple 1.8 inch display, plays on […]

Two month standby Philips Xenium X500 not a lot to offer


The new Philips Xenium X500 from looks oddly familiar as it looks much like a twin of the Philips 9@9k launched about a year ago. So what does this new Philips Xenium X500 offer? Well probably the best thing about it is the claimed two month standby time, and the nifty “Up to 2 months […]

Long battery life but little else from Philips Xenium X600


Philips has added a new mobile phone to their Xenium collection, the Philips Xenium X600, and is apparently for mobile phone customers who want a little more than just another mobile phone they can use for days on end with charging. Apparently the Philips Xenium X600 has an impressive and one of the longest battery […]

The Philips Xenium X800 gets the once over in pictures


Philips is to be rolling out their Xenium X800 all-touch-screen equipped mobile phone in the near future, it has already received FCC approval, so could be due quite soon. So what can we expect from the Philips Xenium X800? Well the X800 offers up a 29.inch 240 x 400 QVGA TFT touch-screen, 2 megapixel camera […]

Does Asia and Europe really need Philips entry level 198 and 199 handsets?

Philips 198 and 199

Two new Philips entry level mobile phones have been announced for the Asian and European markets, the Philips 198 and Philips 199. Both mobiles are of the same candy-bar design while both offer up the same features with the exception of an added FM radio and headset on the Philips 199. These two new handsets […]

Philips X800 and Xenium X-Connect touchscreen phones officially announced

Oh boy Philips are stepping up to the plate in the way of full touchscreen mobile phones which is fantastic news, the two phones they have to offer are the Philips X800 and the Philips Xenium X-Connect and oh yes they look good. The question has to be “Can Philips compete with the likes of […]