Now its Philips turn as they work on all Touch-screen mobile phone


Reports are coming in that Philips is working on their own version of an all-touch-screen, Apple iPhone-like mobile handset. According to PC World China, apparently the still unannounced Xenium X800 mobile handset is to sport what is called “e2e” design, which actually means full edge-to-edge touch-screen. Details and any other information is sparse at present, […]

AAA battery back-up for Philips Xentium handset

Philips Xentium

Haven’t covered a lot of Philips mobiles as yet, so here’s one they showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Philips Xenium 9@9j (have no idea why the @) like all the 9@9 series has great battery life, but this one is somewhat different… The Philips 9@9j can also use AAA batteries as […]

Philips 392 with 2.4 inch touch screen, coming 1st qtr 2008

The all new Philips 392 is hopefully going to be release on the market sometime 1st qtr 2008, what countries is something we are not to sure on. We will give you the full details of the mobile phone and specs anyway so you get an insight of the handset. The Philips 392 as an […]

Where have all the Philips mobiles gone? Philips 192 for Europe on its way

We have all asked “where have all the Philips mobiles gone? Well some good news peeps. First of all many mobile phones from Philips have kind of vanished in thin air over the recent years even though the Chinese still have them. The Chinese market has market rights until 2011, they have carried on with […]

Philips Xenium coming to US thanks to FCC approval


Following on from the information from Mark about the Philips Xenium having a two month battery life, we can now confirm that this phone is coming to the U.S. as the FCC has approved it. Here are some specs of the phone: a 2-megapixel camera, 262K color display, an FM-radio, GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHz networks, MP3-player, […]

Philips 9@9 Offers Users Two Months of Battery Life

Philips 9@9 Offers Users Two Months of Battery Life

When you think of Philips, you don’t necessarily think of mobile phones. However, Philips are tying their hardest to upgrade their status in the mobile market and while they may not be producing powerful smartphones, they do have some pretty cool phones which are well-received by their customers. One of their new devices show how […]

Mobile Phone Lets Women Know their Fat Cheeky

This mobile phone called the Philips 598 is a cheeky little beggar, sorry ladies but if you are fat this mobile phone will be sure enough to tell you if you are. It is bad enough a man calling you fat but a mobile phone. Cannot see this phone being liked personally! The Philips 598 […]

Philips Xenium 9@9t Phone

This is a great looking phone with a superb touch screen and MP3 player; this is a nice slim phone that will look stylish with any fashion you might be into. There is not much for Phones Review to say about this Philips phone but other than look at the specs and

Philips 868 Camera Mobile

COMING SOON for 2006 – This mobile is being released sometime in 2006 and let’s hope early 2006. This mobile has a very cool feature and that it flips open and then once its open the top part can rotate round so the screens either facing the front or back, yes I know we can […]