Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 announced with midrange specs

samsung xcover 3

The last time we looked in on the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 was back in January when it appeared for a few photos. Sammy’s rough and tumble handset is no longer a mystery as it’s quietly been made official by the company.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Avengers Edition being considered by Samsung

samsung galaxy s6 avengers edition

One of the hottest smartphones on the planet hasn’t even hit the streets yet, and the same can be said for the biggest movie of 2015. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was just announced by Samsung, and the Avengers 2 won’t arrive until May 1st. What do they have in common? A lot actually, if these new Samsung Galaxy S6 Avengers edition smartphone rumors pan out.

Best Samsung Galaxy S6 features rundown

amsung Galaxy S6 features b

On March 1st the Samsung Galaxy S6 was made official to a waiting world. This is a dominant Android smartphone line and there was plenty of anticipation for the next in succession. It brings a whole new look to the series as well as notable specs. Today we’re sharing a best Samsung Galaxy S6 features […]

Samsung Galaxy Win 2 arrives on the scene

Samsung Galaxy Win 2

The original Samsung Galaxy Win 2 released back in 2013 and now Samsung has just revealed its successor in the form of the Win 2. It joins the seemingly non-stop stream of Samsung handsets on the market and this new one has already gone on sale in Brazil. The Samsung Galaxy Win 2 has arrived […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active specs show a 5.5-inch panel

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pointers from Galaxy S6 b

Everyone knows Samsung likes to put out variants of their popular smartphones, and last year rumors arose that they may cut back. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge haven’t arrive yet, and we are already getting word of a variant. We think you’ll be pleased with this one, as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is rumored to pack some high-end specs.

Samsung Galaxy J1 vs Galaxy Core 2 specs showdown

samsung Galaxy J1 vs Galaxy Core 2

There is no lack of smartphones available for the budget end of the market these days, and not long ago Samsung introduced the Galaxy J1 that released last month. The Galaxy Core 2 has been immensely popular in some markets since its release last year, and is a good rival for the J1. With that […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs pointers from Galaxy S6

Galaxy Note 5 pointers from Galaxy S6

The Samsung flagship Galaxy S6 was only made official last week and has yet to release. Nevertheless once a new Galaxy S6 handset has been unveiled, attention quickly turns to the next Galaxy Note in the phablet lineup. This year will see the release of the Galaxy Note 5 and from what the Galaxy S6 […]

Samsung Pay looks to rapidly expand by waiving Fees

Samsung Galaxy S6 expectations b

Mobile payments are coming whether you’re ready for them or not, and Samsung made a bold move with the announcement of Samsung Pay. It’s a move that has left Apple and Google wondering what’s next, and today we may have gotten an answer as the company might wave fees for mobile payments.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 specs and features rundown

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

It’s almost a week since the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were made official, and with a release coming in April there’s huge anticipation for these two smartphones. We’ve already given some comparisons of the Galaxy S6 vs. phones such as the Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One M9, and now it’s […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5 upgrade dilemma made easier

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5 upgrade dilemma

If you’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be made official then you will know that it was formally unveiled earlier this week. It’s an impressive smartphone but hasn’t pleased everyone, though we’ll touch on that in a bit. If you currently have the Galaxy S5 and are wondering whether to move up […]