Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release could be sooner than expected

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release could be earlier than expected

Almost as soon as the Galaxy Note 4 released we started to hear rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for 2015. There have been numerous leaks about the device already, but of course the specs are far from being official at this stage. One thing we felt pretty sure of though was that it […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active official spot confirms

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active official spot confirms

Remember that Samsung Galaxy S6 Active that we’ve been telling you about for some time? Well, an official spot has just confirmed the existence of this rumored smartphone, and we also have some more news on specs of the device. It’s still not clear whether this will only be on sale as a model for […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini reaffirmation of Lollipop update

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini reaffirmation of Lollipop update

Although the Android Lollipop update released last year and has arrived for some devices, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is one of those still waiting. Several other Samsung smartphones have already received this upgrade to the operating system, and now there’s further Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini reaffirmation that the Lollipop update in on the way. […]

Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition teased ahead of launch

galaxy s6 edge iron man edition

The Avengers: Age of Ultron has been another rousing success for the folks at Marvel, and along with it comes boatloads of cash. Well, they are going to have some more money coming their way soon as Samsung has just teased us with the first glimpse of the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition smartphone.

Galaxy S6 Active photos show an AT&T branded handset

samsung galaxy s6 active

It’s been rather quite on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active front since we first got wind of the handset back in March. The rumor mill has leaked several bits of information, but today we got our first good look at the smartphone through some new Galaxy S6 Active photos.

Samsung Orbis specs revealed through new Gear SDK

samsung orbis SDK

If you dig smartwatches, you are probably just as curious as we are about Samsung’s next wearable. The device has been dubbed the Samsung Orbis, and today Samsung has released the “next-generation” Gear smartwatch SDK for developers to dig through.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Asus Zenfone 2 bootup speed test

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Asus Zenfone 2 bootup

There are plenty of high-end devices on the smartphone market to choose from, and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is likely to be the dominant Android handset this year. Asus phones don’t always attract as much attention, but the new Zenfone 2 has caused plenty of waves as it comes in a 4GB of RAM […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 affirmation of Android Lollipop update

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Lollipop update

Google’s Android Lollipop has been steadily making its way to different devices, but if you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you could be forgiven for being a bit confused as to whether or not your device will receive this update. The latest news is now much more promising on this, as there’s Samsung Galaxy […]

Samsung Orbis Smartwatch rumored to arrive with the Galaxy Note 5 release

samsung gear orbis

We saw several new Android wearables around the first of the year, but it’s been pretty quiet lately on the Android Wear side of things – LG Urbane aside. We know Sammy has a round smartwatch in the works, and a new rumor suggests the Samsung Orbis arrival will coincide with the Galaxy Note 5 release.

Galaxy Note 5 Edge specs rumored to include Snapdragon 808

samsung logo

Last month, a new rumor appeared that slapped a code name on the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 5 Edge. Now new information has come to light on both those handsets, so we’re going to take a quick look at the rumored Note 5 and Galaxy Note 5 Edge specs.