Initial Galaxy S6 Edge+ update now rolling out

Galaxy S6 Edge+ update b

Last week the first software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 appeared, and now the initial Galaxy S6 Edge+ update is starting to roll out. That’s not too surprising considering many of the internals of these devices are the same. This is a notable update that should be well worth upgrading your device to […]

Samsung Galaxy View specs and price make an online appearance

Samsung Galaxy View specs and price

We’ve been tracking news about the upcoming mammoth Samsung View tablet for some time. Now the cat is well and truly out of the bag, as Samsung Galaxy View specs, price and more have made an online appearance. Previously we’ve seen sightings of the Samsung Galaxy View in Bluetooth and also RRA certification. Most recently […]

Samsung Gear S4 concept design stylishly completed

Samsung Gear S4 design d

At the moment smartwatch enthusiasts are enjoying the release of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch which has recently arrived. However, well known concept designer Jermaine Smit is already focusing on future versions and recently provided us with a Gear S4 preview design. Now his Samsung Gear S4 concept design is complete and we’re pretty impressed. […]

Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 5X camera results compared

Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 5X camera results b

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been on the shelves for around half a year now but the LG-made Google Nexus 5X has only just released. If you’re a keen smartphone photographer and are considering buying one of these handsets, you might like to check out Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 5X camera results compared from recent […]

Samsung Gear S2 Experience app lets you virtually sample the Gear S2

samsung gear s2 app

Choosing a smartwatch isn’t easy for most, especially if you don’t have one in-hand. The new Samsung Gear S2 Experience app actually gives folks a way to try before they buy without having to hassle with shipping or paperwork.

Samsung Galaxy On5 and On7 made official for some

Samsung Galaxy On5 and On7 announced

The Samsung Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 have finally been made official for some. If you think you haven’t heard the many rumors about these smartphones before, that’s probably because for some time they have been known as the Samsung Galaxy Grand On and Galaxy Mega On respectively. The phones will soon release in China […]

Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 2nd gen models in testing

Samsung Galaxy A5, A3 2nd gen a

Many readers will be familiar with the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 smartphone that released in the later part of last year. These were popular more affordable Samsung handsets, and now it appears that new versions are on the way. A sighting has revealed Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 2nd gen models are in testing. […]

Samsung Galaxy View photos show Sammy’s massive new slate

samsung galaxy view

It’s always nice to get a specs leak or benchmark listing on a new device, but photos are where it’s at. A batch of Samsung Galaxy View photos have appeared today, and it give us our first real glimpse of Samsung big new tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Grand On (Galaxy On5) new images leaked

Samsung Galaxy Grand On (On5) images leak

For several months now we’ve been hearing about two smartphones in a new Samsung Galaxy O series. These have been variously referred to as the Galaxy O5 or Galaxy Grand On and the Galaxy O7 or Mega On. Now we can get a look at the Samsung Galaxy Grand On (On5) in some images that […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 design may include Magnesium Alloy

samsung logo

Whether you loved it or hated it, Samsung finally changed up the design for their flagships last year. A new report rumor suggests the Samsung Galaxy S7 design will undergo some changes as well, and it may be a bit tougher than the previous model.