Sony Xperia Curve beauty has Z4 like specs

Sony Xperia Curve design

It’s sometimes intriguing to take a look at devices that are not actually on the shelves, as some smartphone concept ideas can give us indicators of what could come in the future. The Sony Xperia Curve design that we’re showing today is one such example of this, and one of the reasons behind it is […]

Sony may put their Smartphone division up for Sale

sony logo

Smartphones are big business, and Sony, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and the rest of the gang jumped on the Android bandwagon early on. Out of the companies we’ve mentioned, several are having financial difficulties when it comes to smartphones and tablets, and a new report says Sony may be considering selling their mobile business.

New Sony Xperia Z4 design comes with desirable specs

Sony Xperia Z4 design

The Sony Xperia Z4 is a hotly anticipated smartphone, and the likelihood is that it will be officially revealed soon. In the meantime we get to drool over designer’s visions of the phone and these have been plentiful, although some are better than others! The new Sony Xperia Z4 design that we’re showing today comes […]

The Sony Xperia Z4 may come with a QHD variant

Sony Xperia Z3 FCC spot

We may have gotten our first look at the Sony Xperia Z4 through that Sony hack last month, but rumors about the upcoming device are still rolling in. The latest one is a doozy, and it’s a rumor Xperia fans will want to hear as there may be a QHD Sony Xperia Z4 in the works.

Sony Xperia Z3 line Android Lollipop update to begin in February

Sony Xperia Z3 line Android Lollipop b

We know that many readers are itching to get the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for their devices, but although it’s available for some smartphone and tablet users, many others are still waiting. There’s some promising news today for owners of the flagship Sony Xperia Z3 and others in the lineup though, as the Android Lollipop […]

Sony Xperia Z4 vision packs in specs and features

Sony Xperia Z4 vision b

Expectation is mounting for a rumored unveiling of the Sony Xperia Z4 at CES in Las Vegas. This runs from January 6th to the 9th and so there’s not too much longer to wait until we find out if the current speculation is accurate. While we’re waiting we thought we’d share an interesting new Sony […]

Sony Xperia X vision has tasty specs

Sony Xperia X vision

There’s often a lull on smartphone news at the end of the year, but things soon pick up again, with CES 2015 taking place in early January and MWC in March. However, an interesting smartphone concept caught our eye that we thought readers might like to take a look at. This is a Sony Xperia […]

Sony Xperia ZX design features futuristic specs

Sony Xperia ZX design b

We’ve reached that time of year when we like to anticipate new smartphones for 2015, and concept ideas can give us some mouthwatering ideas of prospective handsets. The render we’re showing today is definitely tantalizing, although this Sony Xperia ZX design features futuristic specs that would be aimed more at 2016 or even later. Concept […]

Best smartphones to anticipate in 2015

Hotly anticipated smartphones 2015

At the end of a year we like to start looking ahead to smartphones that will be on offer in the next year. As far as high-end devices are concerned there will be plenty available, with flagships to look forward to from the major manufacturers. Today we’re thinking about the best smartphones to anticipate in […]

New Sony Xperia Z4 leak is part of the massive Sony Hack

sony xperia z4 leak

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the insanely massive Sony hack over the Franco and Rogan movie, The Interview. As most of you know, Sony makes all sorts of things and out of that big hack comes a new Sony Xperia Z4 leak. Ready to take a look at what may be the first Sony Xperia Z4 photo?