HTC One S vs iPhone 4S photography experience


The HTC One Series of smartphones is providing some very decent handsets and in our look of the HTC One S we noted its real standout feature is its camera. With the new HTC Image Chip delivering real improvements in photo quality we thought it was worth looking at the HTC One S vs. iPhone […]

Samsung Unpacked 2012 teaser, Galaxy owner or sheep

Samsung Unpacked 2012 teaser, Galaxy owner or sheep

With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3 fast approaching, old Sammy has already posted a website for ‘The Next Galaxy’, and now old Sammy has posted a couple of videos teasing their Unpacked 2012 event, one of which we have for your viewing consideration below. The Samsung Unpacked 2012 teaser 2 video comes our […]

Choice: Longer battery or thinner phone?


The world of mobile technology is changing even more rapidly than previously it seems and because of those changes, choices will have to be made. The newest smartphones with 4G LTE connectivity, powerful processors, apps, video playback and more, demand greater battery power but of course we all prefer a slim handset too. If it […]

HTC One S vs LG Viper 4G buying decision

HTC One S vs LG Viper 4G buying decision

If you happen to be over in the US and in the market for a new smartphone, on Wednesday at 7PM in New York two handset makers will roll out their latest Android smartphone offering in the form of the LG Viper 4G for Sprint and the HTC One S for T-Mobile, so if you […]

Perfect iPhone or Android phone will never happen


We attempt to bring readers all the latest smartphone news and insight and right now a lot of attention is concentrated on the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Both of these phones are already up against huge expectations, however when we really think about it there are reasons why the perfect iPhone or Android phone […]

Sony Xperia S vs HTC One V: Choice time


From time to time we like to compare two of the newest smartphones to give readers some idea of which might be the better option for them. In today’s comparison we’re looking at the Sony Xperia S vs. the HTC One V, both Android smartphones. Although the HTC One V is a lower-end offering than […]

Real or fake Ferrari BlackBerry Bold 9700

Real or fake Ferrari BlackBerry Bold 9700 big pic

The world of real or fake is always intriguing, and today is the day where you will be the one that decides if the Ferrari BlackBerry Bold 9700 is a stud or a dud. We have said all along that RIM needs to pull something out of the bag to win back the falling customer […]

Galaxy S3 vs Ascend D Quad appraisal


If you are one of the many waiting for the official announcement and release of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 (S III) you may be interested in a comparison against another upcoming smartphone, the Huawei Ascend D Quad. Both are set to have quad-core processors so read on for our take on the Galaxy S3 vs. Ascend […]

Android vs Apple iPhone: Users argument saga

Android vs Apple iPhone: Users argument saga

Android vs Apple iPhone is on the same wavelength as the Sony PS3 vs Microsoft Xbox, users will always defend their platform. We know that this article will strike a few moans and groans on both parties, but it happens and well worth talking about. We have called this the “Android vs Apple iPhone: Users […]

iPhone 5 & SGS3 great expectations leads to upset


Two new smartphones releasing this year have got tongues wagging and the word ‘intrigued’ embedded into people’s minds. Yes, we are talking about the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 aka SGS3. However the hype surrounding these phones could be getting the better of customers and great expectations could lead to upset. Everything […]